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The new BST series by ALLRECO is coming out at just the right time.

Great news for the recycling industry from Velbert, Germany: ALLRECO, the experts in stationary recycling machinery, are introducing their new BST series, which brings more than just technical innovation to the shredding process – it also meets the growing demand for high performance with maximum cost-effectiveness.

Partnership and customer focus for success

With the new BST series, ALLRECO proves that even in challenging times, technological and economic progress for companies in the recycling industry is possible. As a reliable and innovative partner, ALLRECO has focused 100% on the wishes and requirements of its customers. The result: simple, robust, and efficient machines that ensure best performance in the persistently difficult conditions and increasingly intense competition.

Intelligent and efficient BST shredding technology

To develop the next guarantor for successful production, ALLRECO has further consolidated its resources in recent years, resulting in the innovative progress that is now moving the market for the industry: the intelligent and efficient BST shredding technology. This technology is the key to the high performance, low power consumption, and maximum cost-effectiveness of the BST shredder series, made possible by the use of two pushers in combination with high-torque drive motors.

Effective in all areas of application

Whether used as a standalone machine in the production of substitute fuels from commercial waste and mono fractions, as a secondary shredder in mechanical-biological waste treatment, or in the processing of waste wood: the new BST series is designed to ensure the required and desired BST performance in all areas of application. Compared to conventional machines, the BST achieves more output with significantly less driving power. Another decisive quality feature: the machine also processes unshredded material in a single operation.

Responsible and contemporary offer

Fewer components, a direct drive, two feeders for constant material flow, significantly fewer heat losses due to the elimination of hydraulic systems for normal operation, and freely programmable recipes. Henning Strunz, Managing Director of ALLRECO, says: "With the BST, we have created a shredder that fits perfectly into the current time - an extremely efficient and reliable machine made from high-quality components and innovations, coupled with attention to detail and the desire to provide our customers with a guarantee for a successful production step. We are happy to prove how successful we have been."

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