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Tailor-made compounds offer solutions for the automotive industry

E-mobility plus the continuing trend towards lightweight construction mean that the demands made on the performance properties of thermoplastics for automotive applications are constantly increasing. A broad portfolio of tailor-made material developments from TechnoCompound has been tuned for use in electrically and conventionally powered vehicles and is noted, for example, for its high heat resistance and/or its suitability for electrical and electronic applications. This includes engineering plastics as well as long glass fiber-reinforced and polyolefin compounds for interior, exterior, underbody and under-the-hood applications. The company is also focused on sustainable solutions with recyclate-based materials that are the result of around thirty years of experience.

The engineering plastics from TechnoCompound combine good mechanical properties with high cost efficiency. They are based on PET (TechnoPet), PBT (TechnoDur), TPE (TechnoElast) and PA (TechnoMid), whereby the segment also includes blends. Specific additives are used to increase the heat and chemical resistance. Typical applications in the automotive sector include door-locking systems, housings and plug connections.

The long glass fiber compounds (TechnoFiber) include particularly emission and odor optimized types for applications in the interior that fall significantly below the internationally recognized upper limits that apply in the automotive industry. Their high impact strength is based on the glass fiber lengths of 8 mm to 15 mm in the rod-shaped pellets and glass contents of between 20 % and 60 %. Variants with heat stabilization up to 1500 h and color settings from natural through black as well as colored types are also available. The CO2-reduced TechnoGreen compounds, which also belong to this group, were originally developed for underbody applications. Today they are also being increasingly used in interiors because, with their sustainability and mechanical performance, they meet the demanding emission and odor requirements of the OEMs. Typical applications include instrument panels, seat backrests and center consoles as well as other structural parts.

The polyolefin compounds from TechnoCompound are suitable for use throughout the vehicle. Here, the company has specialized knowledge in the incorporation of additives for UV protection, flame retardant and impact strength modification as well as antistatic and color settings. Typical applications include tank and charging systems as well as bumper and roof systems. For increased noise absorption, densities of up to 2.7 g/cm³ are available.

Head of Sales, Rifat Erden, says: “In close contact with our customers, we ascertain what tomorrow’s demand will look like, and gear our product development to this at an early stage. We give advice on the selection of materials and on optimizing the manufacturing parameters, and provide support in complying with producer-specific certification. Our technical know-how and the high flexibility of production in our own company means that we are able to tailor our material solutions precisely to our customers’ requirements in order to strengthen and expand their position on the market.”

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