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BASF at PRSE 2024

BASF is set to showcase further milestones on their plastics journey at the upcoming Plastics Recycling and Sustainability Conference Europe (PRSE) 2024. Taking place on June 19-20 at RAI Amsterdam, the conference will serve as a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and experts to discuss the latest developments, opportunities, and challenges in the European plastics recycling sector.

At booth D32, hall 12 BASF will showcase its latest initiatives and solutions aimed at promoting the circular economy of plastics. With a strong focus on sustainable plastic management, the company will present its holistic approach to mechanical and chemical recycling. These efforts are intended to significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste that goes unrecycled.

During the conference, BASF will host a session titled "Driving evolution in plastics recycling with novel technologies” on June 20, from 2:10 - 2:40 pm in hall 12. Carlo Bouwmeester, Global Business Development Plastics Recycling at Chemetall, and Denis Savchenko, Key Industry Manager Plastic Recycling in EMEA & SA at Chemetall, will discuss the challenges of recycling and will present circular plastics technologies and solutions.

Cleaning solutions from Chemetall for mechanical recycling of plastics

Chemetall, the Surface Treatment global business unit of BASF's Coatings division, operating under the Chemetall brand, offers a comprehensive range of formulated and integrated cleaning agents designed to enhance the quality, productivity, and safety of plastics recycling processes. Chemetall's innovative technologies for mechanical recycling amongst others play a crucial role in delaminating and deinking multilayered and surface-printed plastic packaging. These technologies effectively remove ink and separate layers of plastics such as PE and PET, thus maintaining the integrity of the recycling stream.

By utilizing Chemetall's cleaners, plastics recyclers can achieve safe and efficient cleaning while also contributing to the reduction of water and energy. These technologies are specifically developed to optimize the washing and wastewater treatment processes, promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to plastics recycling.

Moreover, the advanced technologies developed by Chemetall can significantly enhance plastics recycling processes, enabling plastics recyclers to produce high value-added plastic at a lowered production cost compared to conventional processes. This, in turn, allows for the reintroduction of recycled plastics into high-added value applications, contributing to the realization of a true circular economy.

Chemetall's product range includes a variety of cleaning solutions, wetting agents, and defoamers such as Gardoclean®, Gardobond® additives, Gardo® Pure, and Gardofloc®, which cover the entire washing and wastewater treatment process for plastics recycling. These products are not only effective in removing all types of pollution like adhesives but are also compatible with the stringent requirements of the food industry. They are suitable for use with PET, multilayer packaging, films, flexible packaging from PE, PP and PS, ensuring efficient cleaning without compromising the quality and safety of the final recycled plastics products.

Additives are vital for improving the quality of recycled plastics

At PRSE 2024, BASF will be presenting a variety of tailored additive solutions for different polymer types. These solutions address challenges such as reducing gel formation in film processing and improving mechanical performance in highly degraded plastics like automotive parts.

Plastics require stabilization against thermal and photo-oxidation to meet specific processing and application needs. However, during the product’s first life cycle, stabilizers are depleted, resulting in changes in the plastic’s rheological and mechanical properties. In addition, recycled plastics with impurities can further accelerate polymer degradation, leading to problems like odor and compromised surface quality.

Specially designed additives play a crucial role in rejuvenating recyclates and ensuring their quality is suitable for various applications. BASF’s extensive knowledge in polymer degradation and stabilization mechanisms allows the company to develop customized re-stabilization solutions for different types of recyclate materials used in consumer or durable goods.

ChemCycling®: Complementary solution for high-performance products

Complementing mechanical recycling, chemical recycling can increase the overall recycling rates and contribute to a more circular economy for plastics. ChemCycling® is BASF’s chemical recycling business using plastic waste-based feedstock in the production process of high-performance products. The share of recycled raw material is attributed to certified Ccycled® products manufactured in the integrated production system by using a third-party audited mass balance approach. Our customers can process these mass balanced products in the same way as conventional products. Our portfolio of Ccycled® products now comprises around 240 products, which our customers use for a wide range of applications – from food packaging and transport cases for temperature-sensitive drugs to high-performance plastics for the automotive industry and functional textiles. 

Accessible plastic identification with trinamiX Mobile NIR (Near-Infrared) Spectroscopy Solutions

trinamiX GmbH, a leading provider of mobile spectroscopy solutions and subsidiary of BASF, will showcase their versatile plastics and textile identification technology at booth G3. From designing plastics packaging that is sortable, to quality control for in- and outgoing plastics, to cleaner sorting for improved recycling; mobile identification of plastic and textile types adds benefits across the supply chain. Adrian Vogel, Segment Lead Circular Economy at trinamiX, will share insights about “How Mobile NIR Spectroscopy enables an efficient recycling value chain” during a presentation in theatre 1/ hall 12 on June 19 at 02:45pm.

Resycure – an impactful marketplace for recycled polymers

Resycure is a smart B2B marketplace that connects brands and converters with high-quality recycled plastic suppliers, making it easy to buy & sell, test and use recycled polymers, reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions.  

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