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Haitian Open House 2024

From 25. – 27. June, Haitian International Germany proudly hosted its annual Open House, welcoming approximately 1,000 visitors over three days. Held at the European Headquarters in Ebermannsdorf, Bavaria, the event has become a major showcase for the entire product range and capabilities of the Haitian Group, attracting interest and customers from all over Europe. This year set a new record for visitor numbers, highlighting the growing interest and appeal of Haitian’s industry solutions.

The 5th Generation Technology of Injection Molding Machines


This year’s event was particularly special as Haitian introduced the now established 5th generation of injection molding machines. Servo-hydraulic and electric injection molding machines, featuring numerous hardware and software upgrades. These upgrades include a new controller, intelligent machine functions, electrical charging for small and medium-sized servo-hydraulic machines, a new drive system for machine energy savings, and many more. All of which are general standards in Haitian and Zhafir machines.

The event featured a selection of the main machine series, highlighting Haitian International’s commitment to innovation across a wide range of machine concepts. Exhibits during the Open House:


  • Two-platen Jupiter V Series (10800 kN)
    The JU10800V produced an automotive spoiler application using Aurora’s PP EPDM TV15. The machine used direct gating with HRS-Oerlikon servo driven hot runner system. The machine was equipped with Haitian magnetic platens for faster setups, and a Sepro Success33 robot for part removal.
  • Electrical Zeres V Series (1200 kN) with Premium Medical Package
    The electrical toggle machine with integrated hydraulics produced 8 cavity syringe barrels (1.5 ml) from Werkzeugbau Ruhla, made out of PP9074MED from Exxon Mobil. Equipped with a laminar flow box, quality flap, and conveyor belt from Petek Reinraumtechnik, it showcased its flexibility for high-precision medical applications.
  • Electrical Zeres V Series (1500 kN):
    Production of a fiber optic network splitter with a minimum wall thickness of 0.5 mm in PC/ABS. This high precision application used a Hilectro robot, a Haitian temperature control unit and a Haitian dryer with conveyor system, all supplied and manufactured by Haitian Smart Solutions.
  • Servo-hydraulic Mars SE Series (1600 kN)
    The Special Edition of the best-selling servo-hydraulic toggle machine Mars Series comes as an even more economical version, featuring Haitians new controller with many smart features as standard, exemplifying cost efficiency without compromising quality.
  • Servo-hydraulic Mars V Series (2000 kN)
    The Mars Series has proven its reliability and efficiency with over 400,000 units sold worldwide. At the Open House, drinking cups with a special crinkle design made of PP, colored using a Haitian color mixer were displayed. The mold from Gollmer Formen was equipped with cavity pressure sensors, monitored via Kistler’sComoNeo Box. The molded parts were removed from the mold by a Hilectro robot and subsequently handled by the Hildegard system of Haitians’ sales and service partner atr solutions in Germany.

Expanding Horizons as a Comprehensive Solution Provider

Haitian International also highlighted products from other divisions within the Haitian Group, underscoring its evolution into a turnkey solution provider. The event featured CNC and die-casting machines and introduced the new Haitian Laser Machinery division.

A significant highlight was the demonstration of peripherals from Haitian Smart Solutions, which is set to offer key peripherals for plastics processors. These peripherals include:

  • Mold Temperature Control
  • Dryers
  • Hopper Dryers
  • Color Mixing Units
  • Vacuum Loaders

 All peripherals are seamlessly integrated into the control system, enabling users to operate them via the new Haitian machine controller. Parameters can be saved with the tool data, enhancing efficiency and ease of use.


Industry Partners and Keynotes

As in previous years, the event featured a total of 20 systems partners on-site, introducing efficient solutions for processors, from automation to financing. The daily keynotes provided attendees with valuable insights into current industry trends and developments, ranging from AI to sustainability and efficiency in today’s productions.

Outlook 2024

Haitian International’s Open House 2024 was a great success, demonstrating Haitians dedication to innovation, comprehensive solutions, and industry leadership. We would like to thank all our visitors, partners, and team members for shaping this event.

The next event to experience our industry solutions will be during Fakuma 2024.

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