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Sesotec under the Banner of "Circular Plastics Economy"

Enormous interest at the K trade fair - Video series, topic page and blog provide information on the subject of Circular Plastics Economy.

From 16 to 23 October Sesotec GmbH was present as an exhibitor at the K trade fair in Düsseldorf and now looks back on a fully positive trade fair appearance. The key topic of "Circular Plastics Economy" attracted many customers, partners and interested visitors to the trade fair stand where Sesotec provided a summary of the subject and presented customised solutions which at decisive points in the plastics cycle - production, processing and recycling - contribute to the conservation of resources and to increased production efficiency.


Valuable insights into the challenges of the plastics industry

"The K trade fair is held every three years and is an optimal opportunity to learn about current topics in the industry and to exchange information about these topics.   We are more than satisfied with the results of the trade fair", says Marc Setzen, CEO of Sesotec GmbH, and concerning the focal topic of the K trade fair continues: "Circular Economy not only is a technical challenge but also requires a change of the way people think. The attitude that plastics are throwaway products must be abandoned, and people must become aware of the fact that plastics are valuable reusable materials. Our machines and systems only are one component in the material cycle, but they nevertheless make an essential contribution because they ensure the high quality of secondary raw materials made from recyclate and guarantee that the cycle really works." Michael Perl, Group Director Sales Division Sorting Recycling, adds: "The immense interest in our new FLAKE SCAN plastic flake analysis system both among plastics producers and processors as well as recycling companies indicates that the subject of "Circular Plastics Economy" has become a 'Hot Topic' in the industry."


Video series, topic page and Circular Economy blog

After the K trade fair Sesotec continues to further extend the competences concerning the "Circular Plastics Economy" topic. Already in the middle of the year Sesotec published a video series titled "Plastics: Part of the problem ... Part of the solution" which shows the problems with plastic waste and also presents solutions for a functioning circular economy.


Sesotec created a topic page at, and as of late the Sesotec website also contains a special Circular Economy blog that in the future will feature articles, white papers and e-books on the subject. In addition to basic information on Circular Economy, trends and topics will be discussed there that are of practical interest for plastics recyclers, producers and processors. For 2020 Sesotec plans several blog articles and additional formats.

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