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Environment Committee’s vote to block exemptions for the use of recycled PVC damages the circular economy in Europe

On the 21st of January 2020, the Environment Committee of the European Parliament adopted a resolution objecting to the Commission’s proposal to restrict the use of lead in PVC, more specifically on the provisions allowing continued controlled recycling in specific applications. This decision is not in line with the assessment of the European Chemicals Agency and will seriously damage the circular economy of plastics in Europe.

After the vote, EuPC Managing Director Alexandre Dangis stated:

“We regret the hasty motion of the ENVI Committee this morning that is calling to reject exemptions for the use of PVC recyclate containing lead (Pb) in the frame of the Pb stabiliser restriction without taking into consideration 5 years of assessment by the European Chemical Agency, Commission and Member States which concluded that continued recycling is the best waste management option from an environmental and human health point of view. Should this motion be adopted in the European Parliament Plenary, it would seriously compromise the success of the Circular Plastics Alliance initiated by the Commission. ”

The resolution will now be put to a vote at the February plenary in Strasbourg. If Parliament follows the vote of the Committee and objects to the Commission proposal within the deadline set of 27 February 2020, the draft measure shall not be adopted by the Commission.

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