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Footwear experts at Huntsman have developed an innovative polyurethane midsole material for the safety and military shoe market, which has been tested and qualified by uvex for use in its uvex 1 G2 safety shoes. DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy lightweight polyurethane material combines the high cushioning and energy return properties expected of sports footwear, with the durability needed to create long-lasting, protective work shoes.

Low density midsoles made from DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane material mix excellent shock absorbing and rebound properties with good stability. This powerful combination of properties can help prevent tired feet from rolling and reduce lower leg fatigue for people on the move all day. Hydrolysis resistant, and equipped with good compression set characteristics, DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane can maintain dynamic performance at a wide temperature range, meaning feet stay cushioned and comfortable, even in sub-zero conditions.

From a processing perspective, DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane material also provides numerous benefits. With excellent flow properties, the material can be used for direct-on processing and can be made to work with conventional footwear machinery as well as the latest automated shoe manufacturing systems. Thanks to its raw material consistency, DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane material also offers a lower rejection rate versus standard midsole products.

Sylvie Van Aerschot, Marketing Manager for Footwear in Europe at Huntsman, said: An important part of manufacturing comfortable safety shoes and military boots lies in using a durable but lightweight midsole technology, such as DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane, which has very good energy return properties.”

DALTOPED® DuraLite Energy polyurethane will be launched at SIMAC in February. For more information, please contact: or go to


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