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Machine protection during PVC granulation

Corporacion de Industrias Plasticas S.A. CIPSA, is one of the 500 largest companies in Peru and one of the top five companies in the country‘s plastics industry. CIPSA began its activities in 1960 with the aim of offering a range of plastic products made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Today the company has 900 employees and an annual production capacity of 4000 tons. It manufactures products for commercial use such as school articles, leisure and sports balls, and rigid and semi-rigid PVC sheets for industrial use.

The Sesotec metal separator RAPID VARIO-FS PRIMUS+ is installed at CIPSA directly after the hopper and before the extruder. (Photo: Sesotec GmbH)
The Sesotec metal separator RAPID VARIO-FS PRIMUS+ is installed at CIPSA directly after the hopper and before the extruder. (Photo: Sesotec GmbH)

Besides PE (polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene), PVC is the most commonly used plastic. The numerous variations in processing and compounding have opened up a wide range of applications. Pelletizing is used in cases where direct extrusion of the dry blend to a finished part is not possible or economical due to frequent product changes.


High costs for production stops due to machine damage

To avoid any metal in the powder, CIPSA wanted to inspect the PVC compounds before they enter the pelletizer. This was to protect the extruder screw from damage and avoid expensive production stops. On the recommendation of the extruder manufacturer, CIPSA contacted Sesotec.


Metal detector protects machines from damage

The metal separator should be installed directly after the hopper and before the pelletizing machine. As the PVC powder has no product effect, Sesotec recommended a RAPID VARIO-FS PRIMUS+.


The RAPID VARIO-FS PRIMUS+ is a metal separator for free-fall applications, which can be easily integrated into any existing pipeline due to its low height and standard connections. It detects and separates magnetic and non-magnetic metal contaminants and is the perfect solution for industries with low hygiene requirements and for products without product effect. With the PRIMUS+ electronics, which uses DSP technology and a 32-bit processor system, CIPSA‘s requirements for scanning sensitivity for all metals could be met.


A protected extrusion system for a production without unnecessary interruptions

RAPID VARIO-FS PRIMUS+ with state-of-the-art technology from Sesotec convinced CIPSA. The metal detector reduces expensive machine breakdowns, minimizes production downtime and offers a rapid return on investment.


For the future CIPSA is already planning to install an additional metal separator as a last quality control check after processing to inspect the pellets after production. „In terms of product quality, customer service and technical support, CIPSA has an excellent image on the market. These are also the premises under which Sesotec works. CIPSA and Sesotec have this in common!“, says Rodrigo de la Reguera, Sales Manager Latin America at Sesotec Inc, USA.

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