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Exclusive industrial packaging now available in PCR from P. Wilkinson Containers

P. Wilkinson Containers is the only stockist in the UK to offer a new range of post-consumer recycled (PCR) high density polyetherlyne (HDPE) industrial packaging.    

Two flagship products, a 20 litre Europack canister and 5 litre compact jerry can, both include up to 30% PCR material and are exclusive to P. Wilkinson Containers.  

“PCR, or post-consumer recycled plastic, presents an opportunity for companies looking for a more sustainable packaging option,” comments Stuart Wilkinson, Sales and Marketing Director at P. Wilkinson Containers.  

“Re-using PE in PCR plastics not only reduces the amount going to landfill or refuse-derived fuel, but also conserves energy and non-renewable resources as recycling replaces the need for primary extraction and the manufacture of new plastics. 

“Historically, PCR has not always been suitable for certain applications, such as medical or food production, where there is a risk of contamination and there has been a lack of consistency across the material.   

“That’s why this new range from our supply partner is so pioneering – using up to 30 per cent PCR, it has been rigorously tested by a technical team to ensure that the packaging material performs consistently.   

“We’re delighted to offer these two flagship products to our customers which are likely to be suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. 

These new PCR options can be colour-matched to suit individual brand requirements and are just the first in a line of industrial based plastic solutions that P. Wilkinson Containers are looking to develop with our supply partner going forward.   

The company is determined to make more products available to customers as quickly as possible and there are many more that the in-house design, development, and testing teams are currently working on. 

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