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MEAF shows best in class ‘green’ extrusion solutions at K 2022

At K2022, the world’s largest trade show for the polymer industry in Düsseldorf, Germany, 19 to 26 October, MEAF Machines will demonstrate its best in class extrusion solutions at booth A22 in Hall 17.

MEAF 90mm co-extrusion line for (foamed) rigid sheet production (Source: MEAF)
MEAF 90mm co-extrusion line for (foamed) rigid sheet production (Source: MEAF)

Thanks to its highly efficient design, MEAF’s extrusion have a 30 to 65% smaller carbon footprint than many of its competitors while allowing for a further reduction in raw material use. In addition its in-build flexibility allow MEAF’s extruders to work with almost any thermoplastic material, including biopolymers and recycled materials like bottle flakes and post-consumer regrind, thus helping plastics processors to go ‘green’.


Manufacturers in the food packaging sector are under huge pressure from regulators, supermarkets and consumers to reduce the amount of plastics used, while still maintaining food safety, attractiveness and recyclability. By partnering with Swiss manufacturer Promix Solutions, MEAF has added physical foaming capabilities to its extrusion lines. This allows for a further reduction in material use and lower weight, without compromising on features such as stackability and strength.  Thanks to the use of nitrogen rather than the often used butane and propane, the process has almost no environmental impact.


An industry sector which only recently has started to move towards  a ‘greener’ future is the carpet and artificial turf sector. Where previously they would use non recyclable materials like bitumen and latex, they are now looking at switching to thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and TPU for their carpet backing to allow for their products to become fully recyclable rather than being incinerated or ending up in a landfill . This however requires a considerable switch in the production process and a new way of thinking for many carpet manufacturers, reason for MEAF to adjust its in-house extrusion test line for various carpet backing solutions.


Energy and material efficiency have always been at the heart of MEAF’s design philosophy, long  before it became fashionable. This has helped to company to gain a foothold in far-away places where reliable energy and raw materials come at a premium. "That is the advantage of being a relatively small company," says Elwin Houtekamer, Director at MEAF Machines BV. "We are more agile than the big manufacturers and work as equal partners with specialised innovative suppliers. This way we are always at the forefront of extrusion technology."

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