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NGR introduces advanced C:GRAN Series

At the forefront of plastic recycling innovation, Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) proudly announces the debut of its revolutionary C:GRAN series at the NPE 2024 in Orlando. This new series sets benchmarks in the recycling industry with its advanced cascade option featuring our high performance Power Venting Section and the newly developed AUTO-Pilot control system.

Revolutionizing plastic recycling with advanced technology

The new C:GRAN series is engineered to process a wide range of materials efficiently—from dry, clean post-industrial waste to wet, heavily contaminated post-consumer material. Available in eight machine sizes with throughputs ranging from 300 to 3000 kg/h, the series is designed to meet the diverse challenges of recycling.

“Our new C:GRAN series redefines the standards of plastic recycling, ensuring the effective transformation of various waste materials into high-quality granulate,” stated Stefan Lehner, Product Manager of Post Consumer Recycling at NGR. The machines can process everything from BOPP and BOPET films generated as production waste to materials from washing plants and heavily printed films with stringent degassing requirements. This capability ensures the effective reintegration of diverse plastic waste streams back into the production cycle as premium quality granulate.

Lehner added, “The series features two independent extruder drives, allowing optimal speed settings for both the melting and degassing extruders. This configuration optimizes degassing and melting performance while maintaining lower melt temperatures due to the short process unit. Moreover, a clean separation between the extruder and cascade, with melt filtration in between, ensures that no contamination bypasses the melt filter, leading to a very stable process and preventing the production of off-spec granulate. 'Recycling & compounding' is also possible in a single step when combined with twin screw technology as part of the system.”

Unparalleled flexibility with modular design

The C:GRAN’s modular design offers unparalleled flexibility, accommodating custom solutions while adhering to standards for specific recycling needs. It includes options such as retrofitting additional degassing zones or integrating a cascade with a second filtration stage—adjustments that can be made swiftly to optimize operational efficiency. The enlarged cutter-compactors of the C:GRAN series ensure high throughput values and high process stability despite varying input qualities. For high input moisture levels, the cutter-compactor can also be equipped with a special DRY-Boost to enhance material drying performance.

Cascade with Power Venting Section: Degassing at it´s best

A standout feature of the C:GRAN series is the cascade configuration equipped with the new Power Venting Section, designed for the most difficult degassing challenges. This setup is crucial for processing materials with high levels of contamination and moisture, effectively stripping deep volatile contaminants from the polymer melt. "The cascade’s Power Venting Section, with three degassing openings and an innovative polymer flow path provides the ability to remove even the most challenging volatile contaminants, thus ensuring exceptional pellet quality. The location of the vent, after filtration, ensures optimized throughput and therefore energy efficiency" explained Greg Wool, Sales Director from NGR Inc..

Enhanced operational safety and efficiency with AUTO-Pilot control

The newly developed AUTO-Pilot control system in the C:GRAN series automates the entire recycling process, adapting seamlessly to changes in material characteristics such as density and moisture. This intelligent system adjusts the intake slider, cutter-compactor, extruder, and pelletizing speeds automatically, maintaining optimal processing conditions and consistent pellet quality without operator intervention. "The AUTO-Pilot feature virtually eliminates operator error, reduces the likelihood of unscheduled downtime and especially prevents melt-downs. It ensures that our machines operate at peak efficiency, with minimized energy use and enhanced safety" highlighted Stefan Lehner, the Product Manager for Post Consumer Recycling at NGR

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