New HASCO slide unit range

Z18140/…, complex and flexible

In most cases, demanding injection moulded parts with undercuts or recesses cannot simply be demoulded in the principal demoulding direction. Movable cores are required in the mould in order to allow the injection moulded part to be removed. Use is made primarily of slide elements for this purpose.

The new variable HASCO slide unit range Z18140/... sets innovative standards in the flexible demoulding of fairly small undercuts or recesses. This highly comprehensive range of standard slide units includes square, round and rectangular slide housings or slide locking heels and thus offers a maximum variety of mounting options. Three standardised mounting geometries are supplied, and slides are also available for contour inserts for customised mould core designs.

The combination of two slide variants produces 12 different assemblies in a wide range of dimensions and materials, either with or without DLC coating. All in all, HASCO offers dimensionally coordinated parts for more than 250 innovative slide combinations.

The slide units, which can be easily installed from the parting plane, are characterized, among other things, for their long slide paths. Corresponding adjustment discs are available for aligning the slide positions. An optimum locking system allows the absorption of high forces. The DLC coating on the slides ensures optimum sliding properties and a long service life.

Compatibility is guaranteed between all the components in the HASCO slide unit range.

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