New Thermolator® TCUs from Conair Now Offer Non-Ferrous Cast-Bronze Construction

The latest Conair Thermolator® temperature-control units (TCUs) offer processors optional non-ferrous construction for all wetted parts, making them highly resistant to corrosion and other problems associated with process water supplies that are untreated, unfiltered, or of limited quality. This option is now available in all Thermolator TCUs that use water as coolant.

The new product feature includes a cast-bronze pump volute, heater tube, mixing tube, and impeller. The combination is designed to deliver longer working life than previous corrosion-resistant Thermolator TCU products, explains Jim Fisher, Conair’s Sales Manager, Heat Transfer. “Thermolator TCUs with non-ferrous construction are a great solution for processors who are using distilled or RO (reverse osmosis) water, both of which can be aggressive to iron components, and who want to reduce corrosion levels in their process cooling systems. Medical molders and others can benefit from this design.”


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