Bio-based Colors & Effects® Masterbatch Sicolen® B enables ecological coloring of renewable bioplastics

With Sicolen® B, the BASF brand Colors & Effects® presents a masterbatch for plastics coloring, which consists of renewable raw materials. The bio-based masterbatch supplements the previous solutions for coloring biodegradable plastics and recyclates.

Plastic is one of the most important materials in our modern world. For this reason, the demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions and their handling is of particular social relevance. In response to limited resource availability and greenhouse gas emissions, three approaches are currently being pursued to make plastics sustainable: while compostable biopolymers are a biodegradable option, bioplastics based on renewable resources provide a non-fossil alternative to conventional polymers and recyclates pursue the goal of multiple use of valuable already produced plastics via the circular economy. Each of these three alternatives poses individual demands on colorization and additivation.
With the introduction of the Sicolen® B bio-based masterbatch, the comprehensive Colors & Effects® portfolio now includes a solution for each of these three approaches. BASF Color Solutions GmbH complements its Sicoversal® B, a certified biodegradable masterbatch for coloring compostable plastics, as well as Sicolen and Sicovinyl®, established concentrates for coloring recycled polyethylene and PVC. With these four products, all three ecological alternatives to conventional plastics can be colored in an
environmentally friendly manner, without the respective advantages – composability, renewable raw material or circular economy – being limited by the addition.

Bio-based Masterbatch Sicolen B
The polyethylene carrier system of Sicolen B is based on sugarcane. It therefore consists of renewable raw materials that originate from a proven responsible cultivation that protects rainforest and biodiversity. This carbon-neutral polyethylene base reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional products and saves scarce resources such as crude oil.
For customers, the coloration of fossil or bio-based polyethylene with Sicolen B allows the polymer base of their products to be upgraded by reducing their ecological footprint. The compliance with legal requirements as well as the acquisition of certificates regarding the bio-value of plastic products are simplified and favored. In this way Sicolen B promotes the use of renewable and recyclable biopolymers through the possibility of environmentally friendly and the same time economical coloring for numerous polyethylene applications.
In addition to a range of six Sicolen B standard colors, the development of tailor-made organic-based Colors & Effects masterbatches supports the exchange of currently used products with the bio-based version. Learn more about sustainable masterbatches for coloring plastics on our Colors & Effects website.

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