At K 2019, Gabriel-Chemie presented itself as a provider of innovative and sustainable solutions for plastic products. With the “Master of Additives” digital search tool, Gabriel-Chemie wants to make it easier for plastics processors and brands to select the right additive masterbatch.

The digital masterbatch online library, which was published in 2018 with the first search tool “Master of Colours”, has now been supplemented by the “Master Of Additives” tool, as Gabriel-Chemie specialises not only in the colouring of plastics, but also their refinement with functional additives. After the beta version of Master of Additives was first unveiled to trade visitors at the K trade fair in October, the digital additive masterbatch search tool is now officially accessible on the platform WWW.MASTEROFBATCH.COM.


“We used the feedback from the K trade fair on the beta version of the new additive finder to get the platform ready for the official launch. This allowed us to incorporate wishes and suggestions from the target group in the production process”, explained Lukas Houska, owner of the project.



With Master Of Additives, customers and prospective customers can find the right masterbatch for their desired application by selecting specific parameters and desired polymer types online. The intelligent filters adapt dynamically to the desired application. If the plastic article to be produced, for example, needs to be equipped with flame retardants, in the extended filter function the user can decide between the possible flame retardant classes; in a search for products with UV protection, the filter options change accordingly, and they can select between UV absorber and HALS systems. The selection options adapt to each additive. The integrated glossary, with which the user receives more detailed information about the available additives, their areas of application and mode of action, is also new.


If you cannot find what you are looking for in the additive masterbatch result list, you can request an offer for an individual product adjustment online. The collected information is transmitted directly to the experts in the technical service department in order to provide the user with a professional solution as quickly as possible. And at Gabriel-Chemie, the fact, that there is a contact person for every individual product solution is important and necessary despite the use of the digital tool.




Gabriel-Chemie has already launched several projects around digitization. As part of the family company‘s digital strategy, there are many ideas on how digitization can be used to improve processes and products. “It’s very important to us that the focus is not solely on the digital possibilities, but rather on people - our employees, suppliers and, of course, our customers and their customers, for whom our digital solutions should make everyday work easier.” Lukas Houska, Product Manager Digital Sales and member of the “New Generation” at Gabriel-Chemie. As the grandson of the company founder, he is pushing the topic of digitization in the product area and has now developed the “Master of Additives” tool, which is the second search tool on the masterbatch platform, after “Master of Colours”. 


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