Covestro: Gentle packaging of breast implants

Medical packaging is a huge market segment within the medical industry. Many different materials and solutions compete across all applications. Covestro is particularly focused on premium packaging materials for high value medical devices that meet increased requirements for mechanical protection, sterilisation and dimensional stability.

Breast implants are sensitive products that should arrive undamaged at the treating doctor or hospital after manufacture, sterilisation and transport. Covestro's Makrofol MA507 polycarbonate film is well-suited for their packaging because it is highly transparent and allows the physician to reliably visually inspect the implant before unpacking it. It also provides stable protection for the valuable medical device.

The comparable product Makrofol MA336 offers the same advantages, but also features a laminating film on it. 

Both films are characterised by high tear and impact resistance. They can be easily theromoformed and are fully compatible with the demanding autoclave sterilisation process, where they need to withstand temperatures of up to 163 degrees Celsius.

Both materials meet the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard and two ASTM standard specifications for implantable breast prosthesis certification.

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