Gabriel-Chemie presents sustainable colour trends for plastic products: COLOUR VISION N°20

At the beginning of the year, Gabriel-Chemie presented the 20th edition of the successful COLOUR VISION colour and trend series for the world of plastics. Innovative colourists and experienced trend scouts are working actively on tomorrow’s trends. And together they develop a new COLOUR VISION collection every year. It serves as a source of inspiration for the world of plastics. The COLOUR VISION trends are used for new product concepts and valued by brand-name manufacturers, as well as creative designers of consumer products and plastics processors.


The themes of SUSTAINABILITY and SPIRITUALITY have been incorporated into the creation of the 20th edition of the inspiring Vision collection. And the new colour developments of COLOUR VISION N°20 are accordingly called SUSTAINABILITY and SPIRITUALITY. The entire collection reflects the current Zeitgeist, which puts the conscious use of the environment and resources, as well as mindfulness of yourself and Mother Earth, in the foreground.


SUSTAINABILITY captures the principle of long-term use and a functioning circular economy. The new colour creations reflect this with earth tones. In addition to the colours, the topic of sustainability can also be seen clearly in the selection of the materials used. That's because PCR (Post Consumer Recycling) and PIR (Post Industrial Recycling) polymers enable the sustainable use of plastics.

The range is supplemented by a newly developed additive, which also enables dark and black plastic items to be identified in the recycling process and thus sorted: an important step for the circular economy.

Another important contribution is the unique Taggant Technology, or “TagTec” for short, with which information can be stored directly in the plastic product (invisible) and read with sensors. It provides plastic products with an invisible fingerprint, allowing it to be authenticated.


SPIRITUALITY lends the colours the aspect of mindfulness and offers fascinating impressions. The colour spectrum ranges from pulsating red and purple shades, to energetic yellow and gold, to various shades of blue.

With the new COLOUR VISION N°20, Gabriel-Chemie wants to inspire designers, product developers and plastics manufacturers and encourage them to deal consciously with our environment and natural resources.


New innovative topics are worked out annually through the analysis of new colour trends from different industrial sectors and the consideration of social influences in the market. These issues are visualised using lens plates. Gabriel-Chemie is characterised by its specialisation in colours, surfaces and materials, and its ongoing research on social developments and colour trends. Special-effect pigments refine the colours, giving them a new value. The Austrian family company is a specialist in the formulation and manufacturing of colour and additive masterbatches for colouring, finishing and technical optimisation of thermoplastic materials. Individual colour settings are created taking into account customer-specific requirements, commercial wishes, and technical specifications.

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