in-cosmetics Global announces extensive programme of Marketing Trends sessions and Technical Seminars

Celebrating 30 years of innovation, in-cosmetics Global will once again deliver a comprehensive education programme of sessions and seminars across the three-day event

Renowned as the world’s leading event for beauty and personal care professionals to source the latest ingredients, in-cosmetics Global also returns to Barcelona this March with a comprehensive, and free-to-attend, education programme including the ever-popular Marketing Trends Theatre and Technical Seminars.

Delivered by some of the industry’s foremost experts, this year’s sessions will give attendees the most up-to-date insight into the trends influencing the global personal care industry, as well as exclusive hints and tips for new product development over the next 12 months.

At the forefront of the industry

Having launched at the turn of the millennium, in-cosmetics’ Marketing Trends Theatre remains the show’s most popular theatre 20 years on. Across 22 separate sessions, attendees can gather market intelligence including the latest industry trends, facts, figures, market analysis and research data into the various frameworks that define the beauty industry of today and tomorrow.


Kicking off the programme on the first day, Gabriella Beckwith, Senior Analyst – Beauty and Fashion at Euromonitor, will take a deep dive into the country-branded beauty movement in From A-beauty to K-beauty: a tour of the world’s beauty hotspots. Also considering the impact of the region, Alice Li, Senior Research Analyst of Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, will demonstrate how C-Beauty is a market to watch and get inspiration from. She will take attendees on an innovation journey - packed with product highlights from core categories and reinforced with key consumer findings - to help them understand how China is impacting the world of beauty and how they can make their mark in this complex yet rewarding market.


Co-founders of BYBI Beauty, Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic, will come together to talk about Developing an effective omnichannel distribution strategy as a new beauty brand. Drawing upon their own experience as an indie brand born on social media, BYBI will discuss how they built their distribution platform through the likes of Boots and Sephora globally, and how they avoid their multichannel strategies from competing with one another.


Furthering the discussion on indie brands, the Marketing Trends Theatre will host a dedicated roundtable on this leading topic, with guests including Lorraine Dallmeier, CEO of Formula Botanica; Quentin Higham, Managing Director of Byre Bodycare; Laura Rudoe, Director of Good Ventures; and Kate Porter, Founder of Harborist.


Elsewhere, Yamina Tsalamlal, Associate Analyst at GlobalData, will deliver a presentation on how consumers’ identities are shaping trends and emerging ingredients in skincare innovation, and how brands can learn which ingredients tell the stories that consumers want to hear.


Time to get technical

R&D professionals can choose from over 80 Technical Seminars across the three-day event, all designed to inspire new product formulations. Each session is delivered by professionals from raw material suppliers, giving a comprehensive overview of key personal care ingredients from in-depth knowledge of the benefits they provide, to sharing scientific evidence that substantiates the claims associated with their products.

Development of new personal care formulations relies on the ability of an active ingredient to diffuse through various skin layers without any irritation, however, ethical and regulatory pressures have limited testing of personal care formulations on human or animal skin. Reviewing Skin models for personal care research: types and their applications, Vivek Joshi, Applications and Market adoption manager at Merck, will talk about 3D skin models based on cell culture and differentiation for irritation studies, as well as a synthetic membrane model - Strat-M® membrane - that is useful in diffusion and trans-epidermal water loss studies.

In Diving into your skin’s microbiome to unlock anti-ageing properties, Dr Silvia Pastor, Head of Scientific Research & Business Development at LipoTrue S.L, will reveal a unique – and only recently discovered - active ingredient with anti-ageing properties. Silvia will return the following day in a session on Hydrastasis from outer space to keep your skin’s hydration, where she will present MARSturizer™ - a bacterial ferment extract obtained from Rio Tinto, a Spanish river known as ‘Mars on Earth’.

Whether for dilution, dissolution, suspension, homogenization, dispersion or emulsion, the mixing processes in any formulation must be very carefully studied for optimum results. Nesrin Hesso, Process Engineer at VMI, will address the topic of Mixing technology in cosmetics and how to adapt mixing tools to cosmetics processes.

Elsewhere, Emina Besic Gyenge, R&D Manager Cosmetic Actives at RAHN AG, will consider Garbage upcycling and how the cell’s power plant goes green. She will show how REFORCYL®-AION combines cutting-edge molecular findings, circular economy and carbon neutrality principles to clean cells on a large scale, enhancing mitochondrial activity and rejuvenating and energising the skin.

Roziani Zulkifli, Exhibition Director of in-cosmetics Global, commented:

“Over the last 30 years, in-cosmetics has become synonymous with innovation and education. We are delighted to once again deliver an education programme - including the Marketing Trends Theatre and Technical Seminars - packed full of expert knowledge that covers every corner of the beauty and personal care industry. Whatever your job title or interest, there is something for everyone to learn in Barcelona at in-cosmetics Global 2020.”

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