Low odor cold cast PU systems for concrete forming applications

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS will attend World Of Concrete in Las Vegas, Nevada this year. Bruno Motta, North American Sales Director, and Tyler Ryan, Global R&D Chemist, will be onsite to promote new urethane systems for concrete forming applications.

Samples of PU cast elastomers produced with Adiprene LF prepolymers and Vibracure curatives from LANXESS. Photo: LANXESS AG
Samples of PU cast elastomers produced with Adiprene LF prepolymers and Vibracure curatives from LANXESS. Photo: LANXESS AG

LANXESS Urethane Systems has developed a range of room temperature curable polyurethane systems that offer outstanding technical performance, exceptional ease of processability, and are low odor. All the casting and curing is undertaken at room temperature, thereby optimizing energy costs and the ecological footprint.

Improved industrial hygiene

Compared with conventional prepolymers, Adiprene Low Free (LF) prepolymers contain significantly lower levels (< 0.1%) of free isocyanate, which significantly reduces the worker’s risk of exposure. As a result, these systems contain very little to no noticeable odor.

Sustainability: reduced energy consumption

“Here at LANXESS, we are making an important contribution to the sustainability of PU cast elastomers. Resource efficiency and environmental friendliness of our systems are improved, and the CO2 footprint in the manufacture of casting systems and components made from them is reduced. Such forward-looking concepts are a core element for us in improving sustainability and strengthening the competitiveness of our partners,” explains Dr. Markus Eckert, head of the Urethane Systems business unit at LANXESS.

Adiprene LF prepolymers and Vibracure curatives are low viscosity at room temperature which means no heating is required to process the materials. Since these systems fully cure at room temperature, no ovens, high temperatures, or hot molds are necessary. This directly improves operations by reducing energy costs and worker safety as well as reduces the carbon footprint.

Room temperature processing and performance

Adiprene LF prepolymers are available in a wide variety of isocyanate and polyol compositions. Cured with formulated Vibracure curatives, these systems are designed for room temperature cast elastomer applications.

These cold cast systems are designed with part A and B as simple whole number mixing ratios. These systems are robust, moisture tolerant, and can be either hand-mixed or machine-mixed with low viscosity and long open work times at room temperature, enabling the casting of complex designs ideal for pattern matching applications.

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