2K hot runner system with needle valve technology in record time

HASCO hot runner has produced an individually planned multi-component hot runner system in just ten days. The combination of solution-oriented expertise and unrivalled speed constituted the decisive reason for the customer, an internationally renowned manufacturer of medical technology, to award the project to HASCO. The very high-quality article, a fine filter for cleaning the breathing air in ventilators, is highly important in functional terms for the system as a whole.

Expanding production capacities under great pressure of time in order to meet a pronounced increase in demand calls for numerous skills. Of key importance here are two core competences which are essential for successfully implementing a project of this type. The first of these is the solution-oriented specialist competence required for a detailed understanding of the complex requirements involved and their precise implementation. And the second is a high speed for handling the project through all the different processing steps. With more than 45 years’ experience in customer-specific hot runner projects and perfectly optimised processes along the entire value-added chain, HASCO is in a position to satisfy these prerequisites. For the customer, an internationally renowned manufacturer from the medical technology field, these two factors were decisive for the award of the project. The article in question is a fine filter used to clean the breathing air in ventilators, which is of central importance for the life-saving function of the system as a whole.

Shortest delivery times for individually manufactured hot runner systems

Due to the enormous pressure of time for this project, the customer opted for a completely assembled and wired hot half from HASCO hot runner, which was delivered ready to mount. “Our development engineers came up with a made-to-measure solution, enabling the article to be produced in a two-component hot runner system with pneumatic needle valve technology in a single cycle”, explains Florian Larisch, Executive Vice President hot runner Division. The finished mould is operated on a multi-component injection moulding machine, since the fine filter is made up of two different plastics – a somewhat more rigid component and a more flexible one. “We are rather proud of the fact that we enabled our customer to start production so rapidly and smoothly without even a single correction loop”, says a delighted Florian Larisch.

Faster and smoother start to production without a correction loop

Through the consistent digitisation and automation of all its process steps, HASCO hot runner has established itself as the fastest hot runner supplier in the industry. The high level of expertise in the entire processing of the project, from the acceptance of the order through to its delivery, is the guarantee of high-quality customised solutions. The unique combination of rapidity and solution competence is appreciated by an increasing number of customers. After this positive experience all round, the medical technology manufacturer of the fine filter has already indicated that he will be having further hot runner projects implemented by HASCO hot runner.

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