Extended shelf life of fresh produce through unique collaboration PerfoTec and Oerlemans Packaging Group

PerfoTec and Oerlemans Packaging Group will work together to further optimize the properties of sustainable packaging for fruit, vegetables and flowers. The machine manufacturer and packaging producer create a unique packaging technique that extends the produce shelf life and therefore reduces (food) waste. This all resulting in cost savings for the customers. Last week, the collaboration was officially confirmed at Oerlemans Packaging Group in Genderen, The Netherlands.

PerfoTec supplies the Laser Perforation System and extensive knowledge about the respiration (gas permeability) of products from agriculture and horticulture. Oerlemans itself produces packaging film according to the correct functional properties such as thickness and composition of the material. Produce and flower companies can experience how their products will yield more returns through this unique combination.

PerfoTec CEO, Bas Groeneweg is enthusiastic. “We have already managed to create the optimal conditions for hundreds of specific products when it comes to extending shelf life. Each product has influential parameters such as weight, ideal temperature and respiration. This data creates a unique profile in which we can adjust our Laser Perforation System extremely precisely for the correct hole pattern in the packaging. As a specialized film producer, Oerlemans Packaging Group adds knowledge and production volume of the sustainable packaging material, creating an optimal product for both our customers and those of Oerlemans!”


Product manager Tibor Tholen believed in this collaboration from the start of the process. “This way we can actively help the customer to improve the product result. Look at the PerfoTec LinerBag for crates and boxes that we will now offer together with PerfoTec. Because this bulk packaging bag is designed and sealed to reach the ideal conditions for all kinds of fruit, vegetables and flowers, these products have a substantially longer shelf life. Grapes, for example, can be kept for weeks longer. In addition, there is virtually no weight loss. This is important to get you the right price if you are a fruit trader. And what about the transport costs? Especially for international transport, with these results, the product can often be transported via cheaper sea freight.”


In the coming months, a special Laser Perforation System will be installed and tested at the Oerlemans Packaging Group location in Giessen. Both parties are looking forward with confidence to a successful collaboration, as the achievements reached  will only yield winners in agriculture and horticulture!

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