SIBUR starts manufacturing new PP grades to produce raffia

SIBUR started manufacturing new PP grades to produce raffia, specifically PP H043FF/3 and PP H063FF/3, which boost equipment performance and processing stability while being used for the high-speed production of flat film thread for soft woven packaging such as bags and big bags, waterproof roofing underlays, and twines.

The new grades greatly speed up the processing equipment performance owing to an improved melt flow rate, thus boosting production by up to 15% for heavy threads and by up to 23% for light threads.

Processing companies can save on electricity costs on the back of a 5% lower temperature across extruder layers, pressure reduced by 10 bar for the extruder die and filter, and a better mix of chalk concentrate.

A selection of special additives developed by SIBUR PolyLab’s Compounding division helps bring reject rates down to zero when manufacturing film threads.

The range of controlled parameters of PP batches is quite narrow, which ensures processing stability, reduces the frequency of process mode adjustments and results in a consistently higher quality of finished products. 

The new grades have also been praised by equipment manufacturers for their efficiency.

Volker Berger, Regional Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, Starlinger

“We at Starlinger and also our customers who use new SIBUR polypropylene grades H043FF/3 and PP H063FF/3 for raffia production on Starlinger equipment report excellent processing capabilities. Together with SIBUR, the Starlinger extrusion specialists tested the new grades on the company's tape lines and circular looms. The grades achieved the best results in the extrusion process on Starlinger high-speed tape production lines: they ensure very stable production even at the top speeds of 550 m/min and the highest quality in raffia tape production. The excellent tape quality pays off during the weaving process: less tape ruptures and machine downtime greatly increase production efficiency. We recommend PP H043FF/3 and PP H063FF/3 to our customers, especially for AD*STAR block bottom bag production and other lightweight woven bags.”

Peter Schmalholz, Head of R&D at Windmöller & Hölscher Machinery:

“The new SIBUR PP grade H063FF/3 for raffia has proven to run very well in test production on TIRATEX high-speed tape lines, offering excellent process reliability and achieving good tape quality at production speeds of 550 m/min, matching today’s increasing demands for economical production.

Windmöller & Hölscher Machinery therefore decided to include this grade in our reference list of recommended materials for the manufacturing of AD PROTEX® LS box-shaped sacks and other PP fabric products."

Pavel Lyakhovich, member of the Management Board, Managing Director at SIBUR’s Basic Polymer Division, said:

“The new grades are our regular products which have already secured a loyal customer base and enjoy appreciation both in Russia and beyond. We are delighted to have been able to provide our partners with a solution that ensures a consistently high quality of their products and enhances manufacturing efficiency.”

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