SIGMA technical talks

The web-seminar-series that informs about the potentials and applications of modern injection molding simulation at the beginning of the new year. The exclusive presentations by many partners provide a deep insight into the numerous branches of the injection molding industry.

SIGMA Engineering GmbH ("SIGMA") based in Aachen, Germany, is hosting a web seminar series to kick off the new year. Participants can expect web presentations covering the entire injection molding process, showing the potential and possible applications of modern injection molding. The seminars will take place in themed weeks, starting on February 16th.

The first week, will start with the technical talk Elastomer, February 16th and 18th 2021, and exclusive web presentations from LWB Steinl, Peta Formenbau and Plasmatreat. The partners will inform about the current state of the art and progress in elastomer injection molding.

The second week the technical talk LSR, February 26th and 28th 2021, will also be filled with fascinating presentations on the development of medical technology products. In addition to presentations by ARBURG and WACKER Chemie, the Rico Group and ELMET will also be represented and will provide a detailed insight into the potential of LSR applications.

The third week under the topic technical talk Thermoplastics, March 2nd and 4th 2021, offers a detailed insight into the potential of thermoplastic application areas from mold design to the simulation of a large flat surface. Experts-led lectures are featured by the companies Creo Software from TCA, Vuforia Software from TCA and GÜNTHER Hotrunner.

The technical talk MIM/CIM, March 9th 2021, shows the latest state of development in metal injection molding and offers current trends straight from the source. ARBURG, Parmaco and Fraunhofer IFAM will inform you about the challenges as well as the advantages of the MIM/CIM process and provide insights into machine and mold options as well as process evaluation and optimization.

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