Arburg: Automated Allrounder handed over to Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

At Fakuma 2021 in Friedrichshafen – the stand of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) – provided the setting for the official handover of the new Allrounder to the Institute for Plastics Technology (ikd), based in this “City of Science”. Prof Thomas Schröder and M. Eng. Bardo Palmberg from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences were joined by Dr Christoph Schumacher, Director of Marketing, and Area Sales Manager Thomas Knop from Arburg at the small ceremony on 12 October 2021.

The new machine is a hydraulic Allrounder 370 S with Multilift H robotic system for processing thermoplastics as well as LSR and thermosets. The automated system enables moulded parts to be removed from the moulds and set down. Potholders made from LSR were produced at Fakuma using a mould from Emde. The material came from Momentive. Current simulations created in conjunction with Sigmasoft was also be run on this mould. Infrared temperature sensors are integrated into the mould – a new feature. The viscosity of the LSR material is measured inline with a rheometer nozzle.

All options are available with the Allrounder

The Institute for Plastics Technology at h_da has acquired this machine configuration for teaching and research activities. With the modular Allrounder, the injection unit can be arranged in various operating positions. The machine is also equipped with Arburg's assistance packages, which support set-up, production start-up, process optimisation, programming freedom, monitoring and servicing. Also included are a productivity package with AES (Arburg energy saving system), an additional option extension for injection compression moulding, and a connection to the premium version of the arburgXworld customer portal. The Arburg host computer system (ALS) and various pieces of peripheral equipment are connected via OPC UA interfaces so that the entire manufacturing process can be digitally controlled. It is also possible to connect an external large screen for teaching students.


Active partnership                                                                    

The active partnership with Prof Thomas Schröder and M. Eng. Bardo Palmberg from ikd is highly valued by both sides, according to Thomas Knop, as Arburg also receives valuable feedback for its own development. A total of four Allrounders are currently in use at ikd. Prof Thomas Schröder voiced his appreciation of the collaboration, which has existed with the Faculty of Mechanical and Plastics Engineering at h_da for more than 50 years and with ikd for over 20 years, stating: “We have always received great support from Arburg in the form of the provision of machines and peripheral equipment. The same applies to our collaboration in the areas of know-how transfer and ‘new technologies and processes’. In the context of events such as Plastics Day and in teaching, Arburg also supports us with the latest teaching materials and other contributions.” However, the partnership is not a one-way street: as Bardo Palmberg, head of the injection moulding laboratory at the Institute for Plastics Technology Darmstadt explained, the technology from Lossburg is also promoted extensively by h_da and ikd both at in-house events and joint trade fair appearances. “We are delighted that we now have the latest machine technology at our disposal thanks to the purchase of the Allrounder. What we value most about our cooperation is Arburg's flexibility in every respect – in machine or processing technology, but also in the area of innovation and joint research. Always having the latest machines available is of course crucial for a teaching and research institution like ours. That's why we look forward to continuing our close working relationship with Arburg in the future.”

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