Omyaloop – Our Contribution to a Circular Economy

Omya International AG is pleased to announce the launch of Omyaloop, a new product family of Calcium Carbonate, dedicated to the transformation of the Polymers Industry towards a Circular Economy.

As a pioneer in the industry, Omya is using for its Omyaloop product portfolio highly selected recovered material from other industries that would otherwise be disposed as waste and that is certified by Bureau Veritas as 100% recycled. Due to its high quality, Omyaloop is meeting the food contact requirement EU10/2011.

Thanks to the new and broad product portfolio, currently used mineral fillers can be substituted by Omyaloop in many existing extrusion recipes, thus improving the sustainability and the recycling content of the final product.

This new product family reflects the company’s commitment to offering sustainable and innovative solutions to a more circular polymer industry. For more information please visit or contact

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