Value chain collaborates to create a new enhanced datasheet to boost confidence in the use of recycled polyolefins

Gathering the polyolefin value chain together around one table has unlocked a major barrier for the industry’s transformation to a circular economy – the key being a new, enhanced technical data sheet for recyclers. The Polyolefin Circular Economy Platform (PCEP) developed its enhanced technical data sheet to boost confidence in the use of recycled polyolefins (rPOs) in new products throughout the value chain.

PCEP has identified the key characteristics of rPOs which should be measured and communicated between recyclers and users, such as brand owners and converters, when developing products which incorporate recycled polyolefins.

The new technical datasheet goes beyond what is generally expected in a standard data sheet by defining the “minimum required” rPO characteristics and associated methodologies, as well as requesting additional information which is “highly recommended” to further increase the trust and confidence of users.

This includes data on: the source material; the steps used in the recycling process (eg shredding, washing, density separation); the types of process the rPO is most suited for (eg injection moulding); and the standards and regulations the material complies with (such as REACH, RoHS, recycling norms, etc).

As well as details of testing frequency and sampling procedures, details of the specimen preparation, how the material was handled, its eco-footprint, accreditations, and finally contact details for a person who can provide further technical information.

PCEP Secretary General, Venetia Spencer, said:

“We hope all polyolefin recyclers will adopt this enhanced technical data sheet, and in so doing support a greater uptake of recycled polyolefin in the value chain. Securing acceptance of recycled polyolefins is a vital step on the road to circularity for our industry. The way we will do this is by closing the information gaps and assuring confidence in quality and consistency of our recycled material. We welcome feedback on the experience of using PCEP’s enhanced technical data sheet.“

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