Oerlemans Packaging Group acquires packaging producer Stempher

Shareholders of Koninklijke Verpakkingsindustrie Stempher and the Oerlemans Packaging Group have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Stempher by the Oerlemans Packaging Group. Arjen van de Werve (managing director Stempher) and Joan Hanegraaf (CEO Oerlemans Packaging Group) sealed their cooperation this week, making Stempher one of the seven companies forming the Oerlemans Packaging Group.

The Oerlemans Packaging Group has a strong position in the Dutch packaging industry with eight production sites in the Netherlands. Founded in 1890, Koninklijke Verpakkingsindustrie Stempher produces paper bags and polyethylene bags, tube and foil for various market segments at two production sites in Rijssen.

“This acquisition further expands the product portfolio of the Oerlemans Packaging Group and enables us to serve our customers even better with a wide range of packaging solutions and films," explains Hanegraaf; "We see that both culture and mentality of these companies fit well together in terms of values and standards. Stempher, for example, is also very active in sustainability programs - in line with Oerlemans Packaging's credo - "the Sustainable Innovator".



Paper bags

Van de Werve is also enthusiastic: "In addition to broadening the product range to include paper bags, we also have a lot to offer in terms of innovation and quality. With the Oerlemans Packaging Group as the new owner, we create an unique position with six sister companies. We have an incredible amount of confidence in this group for these reasons!"

The acquisition has been completed after a careful process of consultation with the involved shareholders of both parties. With the new situation Stempher will also cooperate with the Oerlemans Technology Centre and the Oerlemans Repro Centre, which will further accelerate developments in research, product innovation and reprography. In this way everyone at the Oerlemans Packaging Group is working on the further growth, supported by a now extended group of almost 750 committed professionals.

Profile Stempher

Stempher's products are delivered worldwide in a wide range of product-market combinations: Dairy (milk/wheat powder), food, feed, pet food, agricultural industry, potting soils, peat and fertilizers, chemical, building materials, sand and gravel and wood/straw fiber industry. These include paper open mouth/cross bottom and valve bags, mono- and co-extruded flat film, tubular and heavy duty bags and bales. The quality standards are according to ISO 9001, HACCP/ BRC and ISO 26000 certifications. In total about 120 employees work at two production locations in Rijssen (the Netherlands).

With the takeover the product portfolio of the group expands even more and business partners being served even better and more completely with their packaging and films!

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