Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) is delighted to have been awarded a WorldStar Award from the World Packaging Organisation for its kp Zapora® padless food packaging tray technology.

The award winning kp Zapora® is an innovative padless tray technology, uniquely designed and developed to remove the need for absorbent pads in plastic packaging for fresh protein with features in the base of the tray that capture and retain the liquid. kp Zapora® was created with a vision in mind to satisfy market demand for more sustainable packaging and uses a mono PET material available to protein packers globally.

The benefit to society is a cleaner and more convenient way for the end consumer to recycle at home with a simple rinse out step. They can then put the tray straight into the domestic recycling without touching any collected juices. The trays are already made using up to 100% recycled PET in a mono material which is much easier to process and capture by recyclers and plastic recycling processors.

Each thermoformed tray with the design in the base can also include up to 30% of our kp Tray2Tray® recovered tray flake material, creating a true circular recycling process for plastic food packaging.

For energy efficiency, kp’s trays are optimised for weight reduction, and made with recycled materials. Pack sizes are designed to be as efficient as possible, which includes transportation and storage. Each of our trays are meticulously designed with special de-nesting features and ribbing to ensure the strongest and most reliable pack, which uses the least amount of material. When we design our trays we consider everything.

Adam Barnett, President of the Food Packaging Division at kp says “With eco-taxes and new legislation on the horizon, the time for change is now. At kp, we’ve been using recycled PET material in our food packaging for nearly two decades, so it’s important for us that we continue to find new ways to create sustainable options for the global food market, to keep food safe and secure, and help reduce food waste. kp Zapora® is just one of many product’s in kp’s portfolio that are striving to be the best sustainable options for fresh food. We would like to thank the World Packaging Organisation and their judging panel for recognising our kp Zapora® padless tray technology for this award.”

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