Alpha Calcit and Lehmann&Voss&Co. sign distribution agreement for flame retardant additive.

The focal point of the agreement, which applies to the DACH region, is the ALFRIMAL® product line, Alpha Calcit's aluminium hydroxide (ATH)-based flame retardant.

In the event of fire, these act immediately as halogen-free, flame-retardant fillers and have a smoke-retardant effect without impairing the processing of materials in terms of their colour, surface or even grip. 

Depending on the surface of the material, the products can release their bonded crystal water at different rates, thus providing lasting support for many products in the cable, rubber and thermoplastics industries; making them safer in their application.

The agreement reached between Alpha Calcit and Lehmann & Voss includes an increase of sales activities for the rubber industry as it relates to the mid-level customer segment in the regions of Germany, Austria + Switzerland.

The basis of which stems from Lehmann&Voss&Co.’s traditionally good relations in this branch of industry.

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