"Ready2Go": the new Allrounder in a flash!

In order to offer customers quick and easy access to standard machines, Arburg has already been producing Allrounders from the Golden Edition and Golden Electric "ready to go" series since 2021. From Technology Days 2022 onwards, all European users of the arburgXworld customer portal will now have the opportunity to view the list of available warehouse and also showroom machines via the new "Ready2Go" app and to request corresponding offers. And thus to receive their new Allrounder within three to four weeks.

Quick and easy access to new Arburg injection moulding technology: the new
Quick and easy access to new Arburg injection moulding technology: the new "Ready2Go" app in the arburgXworld customer portal makes this possible.

The "Ready2Go" app currently includes hydraulic and electric new machines of the Golden Edition and Golden Electric series with uniform basic technical equipment. If required, customers can have additional functions added to the Allrounders on offer from a selection of available options, such as an additional core pull, more mould heating circuits or a specific cylinder module. In addition to "New Machines", the app also lists "Refurbished Machines" and "Showroom Machines". These include Allrounders that have been deployed at Arburg, e.g. in in-house production, at trade fairs or in the Customer Center. The "Ready2Go" range is supplemented by robotic systems such as the Integralpicker V and Multilift Select.


Shorter time to market

Gerhard Böhm, Managing Director Sales and Service, says about this new digital offer: "Through this innovative measure, our customers can very quickly and safely get a machine adapted to their wishes. This gives them the advantage of having an Allrounder or a robotic system delivered ready to go within a very short time - in times of delivery bottlenecks worldwide, this is an elementary aspect in order to be able to offer our customers a shorter time-to-market."


arburgXworld users have an advantage

The new Allrounder Golden Edition and Golden Electric will initially be manufactured with a standardised specification. They are then transferred to the "Ready2Go" overview, which previously only Arburg sales staff had access to. Now these can also be viewed by all European arburgXworld users via the "Ready2Go" app. They log into the customer portal as usual, select a machine and can start an enquiry directly to receive their individual offer. After the final order, the "customising" of the Allrounder takes place at the Arburg headquarters in Lossburg. At a later date, the selection of available "Ready2Go" machines will then also be possible via the website for all Arburg customers.

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