Oerlemans Packaging Group makes impact with new name OPACKGROUP

Under a new name, the Oerlemans Packaging Group is leading the way in making the world of packaging more sustainable. During the congress Co-creating sustainable solutions', the group of seven packaging producers launched the new name OPACKGROUP. With the presentation of the IMPACT vision, a concrete plan was presented to an audience of more than 500 guests in ‘Theater aan de Noordkade’. CEO Joan Hanegraaf stepped down from his work in the branche- and industry-organisations after more than 20 years of managerial responsibilities The various board positions have been taken over by other OPACKGROUP directors, giving him more space for leading the fast-growing company in its transition to a circular packaging producer.

The conference is the apotheosis of two decades of boardwork by Hanegraaf, mainly in the packaging field. Above all, the Dutchman wants to leave a constructive message for the European industry: "At OPACKGROUP we rather believe in sustainable cocreation than just creation."                                         >>         


Director of sustainability Rob Verhagen is taking Hanegraaf's vision on board by succeeding him in the board position of chairman at the Dutch industry associations NRK Packaging and StiMO. "When we talk about sustainability - we mean IMPACT: with focus on: Innovation, eMployees, Partners, Ambassadorship, Climate impact and Transparency." Meteorologist Helga van Leur likes a pragmatic approach: "Entrepreneurship is figuring out with ups and downs how you can contribute to a better world." Director of CSR Netherlands (MVO) Maria van der Heijden is following the development at the packaging producer with interest. "Making it sustainable is difficult for many companies: be courageous in your discomfort and use your influence as a leader."

Good ancestors

Philosopher Daan Rovers has a unique take on sustainability: the question "How do I become a good ancestor" is central to her story - a creative angle, which provides food for thought. It is a contrast to OPACKGROUP partner and supplier DOW. Marco ten Bruggencate, also involved as president of industrial association PlasticsEurope, looks at sustainability more from the industry's point of view in a world where the use of raw materials as well as decarbonization is essential. "The scale and complexity of the upcoming transition is huge, but: you can do more than you think."

Officer Orange-Nassau

The theater this afternoon also finds inspiration in the approach of Hans Tanger, the managing director of the OPACKGROUP who has been responsible for the process approach since his arrival in 2020. "We steer by IMPACT. We are taking responsibility for our industry and society as a whole, even if that takes more and more time and energy." In short: a nice momentum in Veghel, where the whole value chain has come together to make substantive steps forward around the sustainability of packaging. Extra festive makes the golden edge of the fiftieth anniversary of subsidiary Oerlemans Plastics, where the story of growth and sustainable development began in 1972. At the end of the official program, Hanegraaf was decorated to Dutch Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau by Mayor Van Rooij of the Municipality Meijerijstad for his (inter-)national industry work. The theater thus became the setting for gathering with parties from the entire chain; a physical example of being sustainable together.                                                                                                                                          <<

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