Cambridge: Alchemite™ Academic Programme

Machine learning pioneer Intellegens today launched the Alchemite™ Academic Programme, a new initiative that lowers the cost of and makes it easier for university researchers in chemistry, materials research, and life sciences to use its groundbreaking Alchemite™ technology.

The Intellegens Alchemite™ software applies a machine learning (ML) algorithm originally developed at the University of Cambridge, simplifying decision-making and speeding-up the work involved in creating new formulations, chemicals, materials, and processes. The new programme, which was announced at this week’s American Chemical Society (ACS) Spring Meeting in Indianapolis, provides simple online access to the Alchemite™ software at a substantial discount.

Alchemite™ works by extracting value from real-world experimental and process data. This data is often sparse or noisy, which causes most ML methods to fail. The underlying mathematics of Alchemite™ overcomes this limitation. Other features include accurate uncertainty quantification for predictions, providing essential guidance to decision-makers, and computational efficiency, delivering fast answers to complex problems. 

“We have established firm foundations with companies across the chemicals industry and materials and life science sectors,” explained Dr Gareth Conduit, CSO and co-founder at Intellegens. “Now we want to support further use among the academic community, encouraging knowledge-sharing by enabling Alchemite™ to be applied in more university-based projects that will lead to scientific publications.”

The Alchemite™ Academic Programme is open to any university researcher for use in non-commercial projects. Use of the software must be referenced in any resulting publications or presentations. Members can licence the software at an 80%+ discount relative to commercial pricing. 

In an upcoming webinar on June 14th, Gareth Conduit, who is also a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, will explain the Alchemite™ method and present examples of academic projects that have used the technology in materials, chemistry, battery research, and life sciences. Further information on the webinar and the Alchemite™ Academic Programme is at

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