All-round sustainability – resealable Pure-Line rigid film pack-aging from SÜDPACK and Weber at interpack

At this year’s interpack at booth C19 in hall 5, SÜDPACK and Weber will be demonstrating how the film manufacturer’s modern mono-materials can be processed just as easily and efficiently as conventional composites on stand-ard packaging machines. The sustainable rigid film concept is based on poly-propylene (PP) and meets current requirements for recyclability. At the Weber booth, resealable modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) will be produced on the thermoforming packaging machine wePACK 7000.

For anyone who would like to safely and sustainably package sliced products, piece goods or other fresh products in top output ranges, the wePACK 7000 is the perfect choice. The reliable, powerful packaging machine offers very high output and quality, as well as ease of maintenance and service. The hygienic design and high degree of automation ensure the highest standards of food safety.

Optimal packaging results and excellent performance and flexibility in the packaging process are provided by elements that were specifically developed to meet the needs of the food industry, such as the servo-driven tool stroke and the new roller shear cut with a quick-change system. Both features enable quick product change with maximum output and minimal process-related waiting times. Moreover, features that monitor and regulate the top and bottom webs ensure process reliability and avoid film and product losses.

A harmonious packaging solution with strong qualities

The packaging concept itself is a strong and, most importantly, recyclable duo that includes the PP-based rigid film Ecoterm and the PP-based Multipeel PurePP as the top web. The two high-performance films from SÜDPACK are perfectly coordinated. Thanks to their excellent thermoforming capability and machinability, they can be processed on the existing packaging machines without any major modifications – and even high cycle rates in continuous operation are possible.

In addition, the innovative material structures offer optimal mechanical and functional properties, such as good puncture resistance even with contaminated sealing seams, which just like their exceptional sealing performance, ensure high packaging reliability along the entire process chain.

The package can be easily opened and resealed thanks to the highly material-efficient Multipeel film, which provides all of these features with a thickness of just 60 µm. For optimal product protection and an extended product shelf life, a high oxygen barrier is integrated into the film. The reliable reseal system also prevents premature spoilage, which ensures that consumers enjoy fresh products right down to the very last bite. As a result, Multipeel technology makes a significant contribution to reducing food waste as well.

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