K.D. Feddersen expands TRINSEO TPE portfolio

The Feddersen Group, with its business unit K.D. Feddersen Distribution, has been the official distribution partner in Europe* and Maghreb for TPE and TPU materials from Trinseo since June 2019. Now the portfolio has been expanded to include sustainable TPE plastic grades as well as TPE materials for use in the healthcare sector.

MEGOL™ BIO (TPS-SEBS) and APILON™ 52 BIO (TPU) can be used for many applications, for example for tools (@Pixel-Shot /stock.adobe)
MEGOL™ BIO (TPS-SEBS) and APILON™ 52 BIO (TPU) can be used for many applications, for example for tools (@Pixel-Shot /stock.adobe)

"With the MEGOL™ ECO (TPS-SEBS) and APILON™ 52 ECO (TPU) product families, we will now offer our customers post-industrial recyclates (PIR) and post-consumer recyclates (PCR)," says Daniel Steggemann, Product Manager at K.D. Feddersen Distribution. Recycling rates of up to 40 % (MEGOL™ ECO) or up to 75 % (APILON™ 52 ECO) are possible.

In addition, the portfolio is supplemented by bio-based products under the brand name MEGOL™ BIO (TPS-SEBS) with up to 35 % bio content and APILON™ 52 BIO (TPU) with up to 76 % bio content. "The raw material sources here are based on renewable raw materials such as corn, sugar cane or cellulose. When sourcing these raw materials, care is taken to ensure that they do not compete with food and that no genetically modified organisms are used.

“These products convince with a high variety of colors and APILON™ 52 BIO is also available in transparent," adds Steggemann. According to K.D. Feddersen, these product families are versatile and can be used in a wide variety of segments: in the automotive industry, for household appliances, tools and numerous other consumer goods. In addition, there are special MEGOL™ BIO grades that are suitable for food contact.

"With these materials, TRINSEO has rounded off its portfolio and offers sustainable solutions made of TPE, without compromising performance, but with considerable advantages for the environment, compared to TPE on an exclusively fossil basis," Daniel Steggemann summarises.

Furthermore, the distributor now also has TPE solutions for the healthcare sector. TRINSEO offers several series for medical, pharmaceutical and diagnostic applications:

  • MEGOL™ SK IP and IF series: TPS-SEBS in translucent (IP) and opaque (IF) for applications with skin contact, e.g. for oxygen masks or inhalers.
  • MEGOL™ MED IP and IF series as well as MEGOL™ MED AD IF: TPS-SEBS for single-use medical products such as seals, caps or valves or pharmaceutical packaging. All products are adhesion-optimised. A distinction is made between MEGOL™ MED: adhesion with polyolefins (PP, PE) and MEGOL™ MED AD: adhesion with polar plastics (PC, ABS, PC/ABS).

According to the manufacturer, all series are characterised by a light base color and soft-touch feel with good elasticity as well as high UV and ageing resistance. According to the manufacturer, the TPE products are also suitable for 2K applications in combination with a variety of thermoplastics.

The materials are tested for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and are available with full biocompatibility (MED) or with limited testing for skin contact (SK), which offers customers the most economical material option, as not all medical devices require full biocompatibility. Manufacturing is carried out in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations.

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