KORE Low Carbon EPS insulation using Neopor® BMB by BASF selected for major housing project of Braidwater

KORE Insulation has launched its low carbon EPS insulation which has been specified on a large housing development located in Ballyclare, Northern Ireland. This 127-unit development, Cloughan View, is being developed by the Braidwater Group, a major house builder from Northern Ireland. A key feature of the new homes is the high level of energy efficiency and one of the main factors contributing is the KORE Low Carbon EPS floor insulation.

“Braidwater chose KORE’s Low Carbon EPS Floor Insulation as it comes with a significantly lower product carbon footprint when compared to competing insulation materials. Choosing products with a lower carbon footprint in our building materials enables us to meet green building certification requirements and cut our greenhouse gas emissions” says Rory Devlin, buyer for the Braidwater Group.

KORE Low Carbon Insulation combining climate protection with high quality

“We are very proud to be part of this major housing project. Our Low Carbon EPS offers the same benefits found in KORE’s traditional insulation materials, with no loss in thermal performance or thermal conductivity” says Brian Flax, Marketing Manager at KORE Insulation. “KORE EPS remains moisture and water resistant, lightweight, versatile and cost-optimal when compared to competing insulation materials.” With its Low Carbon Insulation, KORE is combining climate protection with high product quality.

KORE’s Low Carbon EPS Insulation is available for most applications including KORE Fill Diamond, KORE Floor, components of the KORE Insulated Foundation System, KORE External, KORE Roof Insulation and KORE Void Formers & Fillers. Additional products will be available in the near future. KORE Floor is NSAI Agreement Certified with independent third-party REDcert2 certification for its low carbon footprint alternative.

Neopor® BMB used for the production of KORE Low Carbon Insulation

KORE’s Low Carbon Insulation is produced using Neopor® BMB from BASF, which is manufactured by replacing fossil feedstock at the very beginning of the value chain with an equivalent amount of renewable resources.  The attribution of the renewable share of feedstock to the product according to a mass balance approach is independently certified by REDcert². This kind of production saves fossil resources and further improves the positive sustainability profile of EPS. For example, the use of renewable raw materials significantly reduces the product carbon footprint of Neopor® BMB compared to traditionally produced Neopor®.

“In general, insulation of buildings, whether new construction or renovation, is essential for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and reaching climate targets, while at the same time saving energy and heating costs for the owners”, says Phil Marsh, Commercial Manager UK & Ireland for Styrenic Polymers at BASF. “We’re delighted that KORE Low Carbon EPS using Neopor® BMB has been selected for this major project of Braidwater.”

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