Sustainable packaging

Under the main topic of “responsibility,” Anuga FoodTec will be directing the focus this year towards concepts that aim to use resources responsibly along the entire value chain. The two sustainable packaging concepts that ULMA Packaging and SÜDPACK will be presenting at the international trade event are sure to strike a chord. Both the flow pack and thermoformed packaging are based on monomaterial structures, which makes them fully recyclable. More-over, they stand out due to their high material efficiency.

Flow Pack PurePP

The PP-based packaging solution was developed by SÜDPACK as a sustainable alternative to conventional flow pack films. The films can be equipped with different barrier properties and provide a high level of product protection despite the thinness of the material.

The films are also distinguished by a broad sealing range, which results in a high level of process and packaging safety. They are designed to ensure efficient processing with a high output on standard flow pack machines. ULMA will be presenting the flow pack concept in Cologne on the FM 400. This robust and reliable high-speed machine can output up to 150 packs per minute and is equipped with an LD (Long Dwell) cross-sealing head, which ensures the packages are airtight even at high volumes thanks to a long sealing time combined with a rotary motion.

The recyclable rigid film concept for producing thermoformed packaging

… is particularly well-suited for packaging sliced sausage and cheese. The sustainable alternative to conventional composites is comprised of the Ecoterm thermoforming rigid film and a PP-based top web. As a result, the polypropylene packaging concept can be classified as fully recyclable.

The perfectly matched top and bottom webs guarantee a high level of process, packaging and food safety thanks to their optimal sealing performance and barrier properties. Furthermore, the peelable top web makes it easy to open the package.

The Ecoterm film can be processed on standard thermoform packaging machines without any difficulties. This will be showcased at Anuga by the top-of-the-line model from the new ULMA TFS thermoforming range, the hygiene-certified TFS 700. The modular machine is a thermoformer designed for the production of both modified-atmosphere (MAP) and vacuum packaging. The TFS 700 combines maximum flexibility and efficiency in the packaging process – and impresses with fast format changes, easy operation and cleaning, as well as a high level of packaging and process reliability even in high-performance mode.

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