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Laser cooling: technotrans presents energy-efficient systems with high power density and flexibility

Energy-efficient cooling systems for a wide range of laser applications: At this year's LASER World of PHOTONICS from 27 to 30 June 2023, technotrans SE will, among other things, be presenting compact cooling solutions based on Peltier technology. In Hall B3, technotrans will also be exhibiting a modular auxiliary cooler from the ECOtec series and a 19-inch rack-mount cooler. Thanks to dynamic control technology, technotrans systems are highly energy efficient and can be designed to customer specifications. In addition, the company is gradually switching to the use of environmentally friendly natural refrigerants.

"Whether large, powerful laser systems in metalworking or high-precision miniature lasers in medical technology: Reliable thermal management specifically designed for the application is a basic prerequisite for the quality of the results, reproducibility and process reliability", says Ingo Gdanitz, Business Development Manager at technotrans. The thermal management specialist's solutions cool the laser and peripherals such as the laser head or integrated motors. Temperature control ensures safety in the melting and cooling process, where a constant temperature at the laser source and the beam-emitting components is crucial, as otherwise the laser could introduce a fluctuating amount of energy – which in turn leads to inconsistent burn-in depth.


At this year's trade fair, technotrans will be exhibiting compact Peltier cooling units with an output of up to 600 watts. Operation of the devices is almost silent and with low vibration levels, as they have no moving parts, while refrigeration is created with Peltier elements and with the aid of plate-shaped semiconductors. In this context, the semiconductor plates react particularly quickly and immediately adapt the cooling power when the applied voltage changes. This enables a fast and precise control of the feed flow temperature.


Modular systems with dynamic control technology

At the trade-fair stand, technotrans will also be exhibiting its highly flexible modular ECOtec.chiller, which is suitable for almost all work and production processes. The use of refrigerants in the ECOtec series is up to 60 percent lower than in conventional solutions. By using dynamic control technology and speed-controlled compressors, the solution regulates the required cooling capacity at high speed. "As a result, our extremely energy-efficient cooling solutions ensure constant process conditions. We only ever call up the cooling capacity actually needed at that very moment. Depending on the application, this facilitates energy savings of up to 30 per cent compared to conventional technology", says Gdanitz. With the compact 19" rack-mount cooler, technotrans also introduces a modular liquid cooling system with 3 and 4 rack units. This energy-efficient system is also equipped with a speed-controlled compressor with particularly low noise and vibration levels.


In order to increase the sustainability of its solutions and meet legal requirements promptly, technotrans is gradually increasing its use of natural refrigerants with a low Global Warming Potential (GWP) in its devices. "By using the refrigerant R290, we not only offer users an environmentally friendly alternative to F-gases. Thanks to its excellent thermodynamic properties, it also contributes to improved energy efficiency", says Gdanitz.

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