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DEISS relies on Systalen LD 3.0

High-quality recyclates from the German Yellow Bag and Yellow Bin for sustainable bin liners and garbage bags

EMIL DEISS KG, the German market leader and pioneer in bin liners and garbage bags as well as many other disposable plastic products, has opted for Systalen® LD 3.0, a high-quality recyclate from GreenDot. “We are increasingly focusing on the topic of recyclates from household collection,” explains Karen Queitsch, Managing Director Sustainability and Innovation of the SUND Group, which DEISS is a part of. “The recyclates from GreenDot help us take a decisive step forward.”

DEISS products – such as garbage bags – need to meet many requirements. Appearance, haptics and smell must be flawless, and stability is of course also very important: “Nobody likes a garbage bag that tears on the way to the garbage can outside the house or in the cellar,” says Clemens Eichler, Managing Director of DEISS. Until now, there were hardly any film recyclates from household collections that could meet these high requirements.

Using recycled film waste for new film products is not easy: “Even with a product as profane as a garbage bag, there is a lot of research and development involved. We want to use not only recyclates from commercial sources, but also from household waste. This makes the garbage bag thicker because it requires more material – which initially increases the carbon footprint,” Clemens Eichler continues, explaining the conflicting goals. “At the same time, recycling saves resources, which has a positive effect on the environmental balance.”

The quality of recyclates is crucial, even if they originate from the Yellow Bag or Yellow Bin, in which lightweight packaging waste is collected in Germany. “With our Systalen® LD 3.0, we offer a top-quality recyclate that precisely meets DEISS's requirements and helps to close the loop,” explains Jörg Deppmeyer, Managing Director of GreenDot. “Now the priority is to start using such recyclates on a broad basis.” Film waste accounts for up to 20 percent of contents from German lightweight packaging collection. So far, the material has hardly been used for high-quality applications. “However, at our plant in Eisfeld in Thuringia, we can see how quickly progress can be made – but only if there are also practical applications,” says Deppmeyer. “With the use of recyclates from the Yellow Bin in various new applications, we are often breaking new ground. The conflicting goals of having a thicker film during the initial stage can usually be further improved with increasing experience in the according process and eventually be solved in the end.”

EMIL DEISS KG as well as GreenDot and Systec Plastics, the manufacturer of the recyclate Systalen®, are members of RAL Gütegemeinschaft Rezyklate aus haushaltsnahen Wertstoffsammlungen e. V. The products therefore bear the RAL quality mark “% recycled plastic”. It indicates how high the proportion of recyclates in the product is that originate from household collection. For public procurement, for example, the RAL quality mark is a reliable indication for a sustainable product.

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