ICMA SAN GIORGIO is celebrating its 75th anniversary.

Founded in 1945 by the Colombo family already active in the foundry sector since 1908, ICMA began its business as a manufacturer of industrial machinery, initially for wood, later, a few years after the polypropylene was made by Prof Giulio Natta, for plastics extrusion plants.

Twin-screw extrusion lines of the 70’s; source Icma’s Historical archive.
Twin-screw extrusion lines of the 70’s; source Icma’s Historical archive.

Many milestones mark ICMA's success in the domestic and international markets. We remember in the early seventies the extrusion plants with twin screw extruder associated with the "Woodstock" patent that bring ICMA to international prominence as a manufacturer of "direct" extrusion lines (i.e. starting from raw materials) of composite materials, especially wood plastic. These extrusion lines find great application in one of the most demanding and technical sectors, the automotive one. Since the 1980s, ICMA devoted great efforts to the development of several families of highly performing co-rotating extruders with important successes in the compounding sector in various application areas, from techno polymers to biopolymers.  In unsuspecting times, ICMA senses the importance of recycling plastics and initiates important developments defining specific extruders and extrusion lines to this application area thus anticipating the current great topic of sustainability and circular economy.

“There are many people, women and men, who have collaborated over the years with ICMA” says Giorgio Colombo, CEO at ICMA “all of them have contributed to this beautiful story of Italian industry made of so much passion and competence and that continues in a global context rich of new challenges and opportunities”.

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