Flexible mould cooling with the HASCO TempFlex

The TempFlex Z976/… and Z977/… supplied exclusively by HASCO offer optimum conditions for the temperature control of mould plates or spacer plates with simultaneous conformal cooling. Complex deep-hole bores and high pressure losses due to 90° deflections are a thing of the past.

The flexible metal-braided hose allows fast and simple assemblyinterchangeability, and is adaptable to any groove pattern. Existing moulds with inadequate cooling performance can be optimised without any problem.

Through the deflection of the cooling via arcs and not 90° corners, pressure losses are significantly reduced while the flow rates remain the same. High temperature resistance is also guaranteed. The square hose cross-section offers optimum heat transfer to all mould plates. Corrosion in the cooling channels can be eliminated.

The HASCO TempFlex Z976/… is available in 9 and 13 mm diameters and three different lengths with a metric connection and also Z977/… in 9 mm as per the US Standard. Other lengths can be supplied as custom sizes.

Because there is no deep-hole boring and plugging, a considerable cost reduction can be achieved when using the new TempFlex for manufacturing the mould plates.

The HASCO temperature control system offers a comprehensive program of systematically coordinated elements for the optimum design of temperature control circuits in injection moulding and diecasting tools.

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