Delta Tecnic, which specialises in the production and distribution of colour concentrates and raw materials for plastics, cables, inks, paints and cosmetics, reinforces its commitment to the automotive industry through Micromasterbatch, a type of masterbatch with a smaller pellet size that improves dilution when extruding cables. The company is thus enhancing its innovative role in the industry.

Micromasterbatches are applied to both PVC and polyolefins, and provide better control and optimal colour homogeneity, improved product quality, increased cable production speed and lowers costs. For Delta Tecnic, this commitment is key, since the cost, productivity, efficiency and quality requirements are very high in the industry.


To facilitate this step, Delta Tecnic has opened a new plant in the town of Querétaro (Mexico), becoming the first manufacturer in that country to specialise in colour concentrates for automotive cable. The factory in Mexico leverages all the knowledge that the company has acquired over more than three decades, which is key to optimising the production and distribution of its products throughout the Americas.


"Delta Tecnic is proud to have a resilient model based on innovation that allows us to grow in strategic industries", says Eric Xirinachs, CEO of Delta Tecnic. "Our commitment to Micromasterbatches is essential to offering a new and sustainable product that can speed up production processes while lowering costs".


The CEO is confident that "the new factory in Mexico will allow Delta Tecnic to consolidate its position as a technological leader, as well as to supply products to companies in various sectors anywhere in the world".  For Xirinachs, "the international expansion in today's context reflects the great work of our entire team, which is already setting the standard".


The electric car, increasingly strategic


Delta Tecnic's commitment to products that are more sophisticated, both technologically and environmentally, reflects changing consumer attitudes towards electric cars. In Europe and the United States, sales of this type of vehicle are doubling, with a significant presence of plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars. Delta Tecnic accepts the technological challenge of developing new materials to promote the transition to electro-mobility.


This environmental awareness also results in a greater commitment to renewable energies and, consequently, to cabling for wind and photovoltaic energy, and more. Of particular importance in the plastics market is thermal insulation, with new designs for more complex profiles that result in lower energy consumption in public and private buildings. Food packaging also features innovative packaging that promotes the efficient use of resources and energy, contributing to the circular economy.


There is also an increase in the market for telecommunications cables and wiring applications for large, domestic appliances, where the greater complexity in energy saving programmes is creating an increased demand in the needs for electrical wiring. Delta Tecnic formulates tailored solutions to supplement these new technological developments.


New opportunities in the context of COVID-19


Delta Tecnic confirms a fundamental step in its strategy in a complex context. Namely, Delta Tecnic has not interrupted its supply at any time, despite the fact that various industries have had to stop their activity. The company supplies strategic companies, which results in a resilient model. It has even managed to expand its market share without losing profitability.


As part of its plan to adapt to the pandemic, the company has cut travel spending by more than half and has reinforced its commitment to digitisation. Communications have been strengthened in its relationships with employees, clients and suppliers, whether through webinars, videoconferences, virtual fairs or technical presentations. The company is now more efficient at managing time and is more committed to sustainability.


This is because all the changes that are taking place in the environment and, of course, in the various markets in which Delta Tecnic operates, have spurred the company to strengthen its technological leadership. The digital transformation, the implementation of new technical solutions and sustainability are all decisive factors in strategic industries such as automotive, telecommunications, energy, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, banking and architecture.


Delta Tecnic distributes raw materials from leading brands in Spain and Portugal, and markets its colour concentrates in more than 60 countries, including Spain, Mexico, India, Morocco, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. It has two production plants in Sant Celoni (Barcelona), with a total surface area of 15,000 m2, and a multidisciplinary staff of 160 people. The Mexico plant has a surface area of 3,000 m2, expandable to 5,000 m2, and currently has ten employees, and is forecast to have between thirty and forty workers within a year.

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