New partner on our way to the circular economy

Hamburg-based distributor K.D. Feddersen is cooperating with French greentech company SKYTECH to distribute its portfolio in Europe with immediate effect.

Using a patented manufacturing process, SKYTECH produces a variety of high-quality regenerated plastics, such as Skylonitrile (rABS) and Skystrene (rPS), which meet the high demands of manufacturers and end consumers alike. "SKYTECH's production process has convinced us and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers technically high-quality PCR plastics," said Daniel Brock, Director of Marketing & Sales at K.D. Feddersen.


The Post Consumer Recycling (PCR) plastics are 100% derived from the recycling of waste from end-of-life vehicles (ELV) and electrical and

Electronic Equipment (WEEE). In this regard, the manufacturer pays special attention to certifications for its materials in conjunction with quality control, which is carried out at every stage of the production process for each batch produced. "Quality control starts with the selection of waste materials. To ensure the excellent quality of the final products, each batch of granules is systematically controlled," explains Elef Asaly, Product Manager at K.D. Feddersen.


SKYTECH was founded in 2018 after a research and development phase carried out with the support of ADEME (French Environment and Energy Agency) and is wholly owned by the French equity investment company Xerys Invest.

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