PCR PET bottle recycled solutions

Epsan has developed PBT/Recycle PET glass filled flame retardant V0 material that demonstrates prime mechanical and flammability properties for both halogenated and halogen-free materials. Epsan’s R&I Manager, Ecem Yıldırım, said “The use of recycled materials in polymer compounds are increasing as the importance of sustainability growing. Therefore, we aim to offer recycled solutions in many of our new developments.”

Our halogenated grade EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET Glass Filled V0 with 0.8mm thickness compound has similar mechanical and thermal properties with prime quality compounds. EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET GV0 is produced from post-consumer recycled PET bottles and has a much lower carbon footprint compared to the virgin compound.

EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET GX0, as one of our halogen free grades, provides same product properties with lower density and healthier solution as the prime product again produced with post-consumer PET bottles. While EPIMIX PBT/PET GX0 30 demonstrates a tensile stress of 105 MPa, our new sustainable product line, EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET GX0 30, has a value of 100 MPa.

Halogenated and halogen-free EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET materials aim to offer sustainable solutions for various applications such as automotive, household appliances and electronic devices, while maintaining its specified product properties.

Richard Quentin, Epsan France Sales Manager, said “EPIMIX+ PBT/R-PET covers customers’ needs and requirements with regards to the European Legislations on sustainability as well as applications for newly developed e-mobility in the automotive industry”

Epsan’s solutions that are suitable for automotive applications such as mirror, oil pan, door handle, window wipers and door opener pallet are as listed below.

Ongoing Automotive Projects:

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