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Know-how and innovative strength

Two pioneers in the development, launching and marketing of unique PVC- and phthalate-free Twist-Off® seals have set decisive trends for the PVC-free seal market, transformed it into a success story, and laid the groundwork for the future: Actega DS and Pano.

Actega DS was founded in 1920 under the name of Diersch & Schröder. The company specializes in the manufacture and development of soft elastic plastics in granulate form and sealing compounds for food closures and packaging, as well as TPE materials for medical and pharmaceutical articles and for consumer goods.

The company has belonged to the Actega division of Altana for more than 20 years - a strong corporate association represented around the world, known for its specialty chemicals. The company develops, produces and markets specialized TPE materials for highly regulated markets and is a world leader in the manufacture of sealing components for plastic and metal closures in the food and drinks industries. Since the company was founded, it has been constantly presenting the latest technologies, which they develop and market hand in hand with customers, manufacturers of closure machines and other decision-makers in the industry. When developing materials for sealing applications involving direct contact with foods, the company makes good use of its in-depth knowledge and expertise around thermoplastic elastomers. It has thus been able to develop for example PROVALIN® - innovative TPE materials and closure compounds with most minimal migration.
As a compounder of TPE granules specializing in closely regulated markets and highly sensitive application areas, Actega DS draws on decades of experience in plastics manufacturing. Freedom from PVC and sustainable production are crucial to its endeavors.  With an innovative series of TPE materials, the company places a strong focus on efficiency in its use of both resources and energy. The TPE-technology had been used in the food and beverage sector since more than 30 years, starting with PVC-free granulates for crown corks and aluminium caps, following by metal composite  caps in 2006 through to the development of the PVC-free and plastizicer-free compound PROVALIN® for Twist Off® seals for glass jars 2011 and ACTGreen® PROVALIN®, the PVC-free compound for P/T-seals 2016 (since 2020 is this compound green).
Because of their tremendous flexibility, their resistance to a wide variety of media and their great range of mechanical properties, these compounds allow fine tuning to individual situations and can be used in a very wide range of areas. The materials have now become established across multiple sectors as the perfect alternative to rubber, PVC and silicone. The TPE are free from PVC and therefore contain neither phthalates nor BPA.  For products in contact with foods and in medical and pharmaceutical applications, and also in the cosmetics and consumer goods sector, these are crucial properties.  

As a medium-sized company with a tradition going back 100 years, Pano is a reliable and constant force in a sector which has undergone major changes through globalization. Today, Pano is one of the few manufacturers of metal packaging and technologies for sealing glass jars which has remained independent.

As a specialist with extensive experience and expertise, capable of adapting swiftly to the various requirements of its customers, and solving individual tasks, the company is a valuable partner. Not least also when it comes to special sizes, specific product requirements, and maximum quality standards. Oriented toward the requirements of customers, retail, and consumers, Pano is always on the lookout for innovative approaches in the new and further development of seals and machines.

One example is represented by the launch of BLUESEAL®, the worlds first cam screw cap featuring PROVALIN® sealing materials which are free of both PVC and plasticizers, laying therefore the groundwork for the future. After all, a range has been created in the form of BLUESEAL® which corresponds exactly with current requests and future basic requirements.

In an effort to meet the demand for this innovative seal, the company has extended its production capacity. By officially opening the new Itzehoe plant in 2011, the groundwork was laid for positive further development of the company. Pano avails of all the requisite certificates in the foodstuffs industry and satisfies all of the necessary standards, including quality management standards.

Established by Paul Nofer in 1920 as an electrical installation business in Brunsbüttel, the company can look back on several milestones during the course of its 100-year history. For example, presentation of the PA-NO seal, a vacuum metal seal for glass packaging, at the Leipzig Fair in 1938. This seal is regarded as the first of its kind worldwide. 1958: The first aluminum screw cap was launched, as was the automatic Panomat glass-closing machine. 1967: This was followed by the snap closure for drinking glasses with the appropriate sealing machine. 1990: The Pano cam screw cap. 1993: An innovative seal solution for cakes baked inside sealed jars.

2009: Project launch to convert a production line process to PVC-free sealing compounds. This was supported by innovation funding within the framework of the program for the future of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Since then, Pano and Actega DS have been working hand in hand on the PVC-free seal project which led to the launch in 2011.

Initiated several years ago, this has evolved to become a success story today. Of the 16 billion Twist-Off® seals currently in use in the EU, 15 percent are now PVC-free. The annual increase rate is currently 30 percent.

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