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Sesotec at trade fairs - review and outlook

Dietmar Dieing, Sesotec Vice President Sales Plastics, in an interview about insights from the K 2022 and SOLIDS 2023 trade fairs as well as an outlook on FAKUMA 2023.

Mr. Dieing, what trends did you notice at the K 2022 plastics trade fair and the SOLIDS 2023 trade fair for granulate, powder and bulk solids technologies?

At both trade shows, it became clear that sustainability, circular economy, digitalization and process optimization are becoming increasingly important for the various industries. At K, for example, many companies presented solutions to improve the production and processing of plastics and to optimize recycling. With our trade show motto "Economy meets Ecology" we have hit the bullseye, because we provide answers to the questions that move plastics manufacturers, processors and recyclers: How can circular and at the same time highly efficient production be achieved; so that economy, sustainability and environmental protection go hand in hand?


How does Sesotec contribute to building a Circular Economy?

As a supplier of foreign object detectors, material analysis and sorting systems and services, we focus on mapping the entire value chain at trade shows. For every step in the production process - from incoming goods to processing and outgoing goods - Sesotec offers innovative and highly sensitive foreign object detectors. Our customers gain the certainty that fewer raw materials are lost, machines are protected from damage, and end products are free of contamination.


What else impressed you at the trade shows?

Another important trend we observed at both K and SOLIDS was the increasing importance of the interplay between hardware, software and service solutions at every stage of the Circular Economy.




The reason for this is that plastics manufacturers, processors and recyclers are faced with ever-increasing demands in terms of plant availability, transparency, digitalization, automation and cost-effectiveness. At the same time, the wealth of data collected holds great potential for process optimization, planning reliability, production and quality control, which often remains unused. One solution for these requirements is, for example, the Insight.WEB visualization software from Sesotec. This browser-based platform is a customer-oriented smart data management system that collects and structures all relevant machine data, regardless of location, into one easy to use package.


In the service area, Sesotec offers a range of services that help customers optimize the efficiency, productivity and connectivity of production lines throughout the entire life cycle - whether in incoming goods, during production or in outgoing goods.


Looking back, what insights do you take away from the trade shows?

Both trade shows, especially K, were very successful for Sesotec. We were able to hold many interesting discussions and find out about the latest trends and developments in various industrial sectors.


More important and more impressive than all the specialist topics at trade shows is the personal contact. Because that's exactly what has been missing far too much in recent years: sitting down together at a table to discuss and exchange ideas about what moves the industries and where they are heading.


How do you see the future? Which topics will influence trade fairs?

Sustainability, resource conservation, the Circular Economy and digitization will play the central role in industry in the future. We will continue to drive these topics forward at every trade show in which we participate. In doing so, we aim to always be one step ahead with our solutions technology in order to offer our customers the best possible solutions. We're already looking forward to FAKUMA in October. It will be exciting to see what innovations we will be presenting there. All I can say is: Mobile Sorting System!

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