JEC World 2022 – LEHVOSS Group presents innovative material solutions for composites, including a new flame retardant and materials for 3D printed lamination forms

LUVOGARD HF P70 is a clear, liquid, halogen free flame retardant for thermoset and thermoplastic resin applications. It exhibits the unique property of extremely low water solubility that allows for excellent out-door weatherability. It does not decompose to halogenated products, nor does it emit irritating smoke or odors upon decomposition. LUVOGARD HF P70 also exhibits unique synergistic properties when combined with other flame-retardants. It is used to reduce or maybe even completely substitute the ATH amount.

Usable mold with coated cavity. In the foreground, molded CFRP component.
Usable mold with coated cavity. In the foreground, molded CFRP component.

New processing aids and additive products for SMC/BMC and Pultrusion applications:

  • PE powder, fine naturally white powder, used as low shrink additive
  • Zinc stearate, effective release agent for SMC applications
  • Carrier film, high tensile strength, good release properties for SMC applications
  • Release agents, enhance flow properties, improve the dispersion of pigments and fillers
  • Dispersing agents, cost-efficient, highly effective wetting agents
  • New LUVATOL MgO based thickening agents: Cost effective, tailor made reactivity



PEEL PLY and other Vacuum Consumables

A woven fabric based on PA66 (Nylon 66) with an enhanced strict quality control like absence of residues, tensile strength, area weight, fiber density. PEEL PLY is used to build up a textured surface for a better bonding or painting after it is removed from the final composite material.

PEEL PLY is available in different weights per unit area, widths and lengths. Especially small widths are suitable for pultrusion applications.

Vacuum film and COMBIMESH (Infusion mesh + release film) are completing our product range.


LUVOCOM 3F for production of 3D printed Lamination Forms

Tools manufactured in 3D printing for the lamination of prototypes / batch size one or small series represent a technically high-quality and economical alternative to conventional mold making, since complex and time-consuming roughing processes are replaced by near-net-shape 3D printing and the subsequent fine finishing process. LUVOCOM 3F is based on many different thermoplastics like PC/ABS, PA, PET, PPS and PEEK and is dedicated to respective 3D printing technologies as FFF and FGF. The materials enable high strength end parts. Additional benefits are low warpage, very good machinability, recyclability and lower weight of the tools compared to aluminum and steel. Depending on the polymer base, it can be used for low and high consolidation temperatures and a wide variety of resin systems.

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