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RKW Sustainability Report 2.0

For the film manufacturer RKW, sustainability is a central tenet of company policy. In the new edition of its sustainability report, RKW sets another example by its achievements in economy, ecology and social causes. The sustainability report contains information on all of the activities and measures by which the company fulfills its environmental obligations.

"After the very positive feedback on our first sustainability report, we are very pleased to present the second edition," said Dr. Thomas Gröner, Group Director of R&D and Sustainability. “This report shows that striving toward sustainability is ingrained in the DNA of our company, across all divisions. At RKW, we see sustainability as an opportunity to prepare our company for the future."


In its sustainability report, RKW discloses all of the company group's efforts and plans related to sustainability. For example, as a founding member of Crop Plastics Recycling Germany (ERDE), this manufacturer of films and foils volunteered to collect and recycle 65 percent of all silage and stretch film sold on the German market by 2022.


Curious? Download the updated RKW Sustainability Report here.

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