New masterbatch carrier system for food contact applications

A newly developed, universally applicable masterbatch carrier system from Tosaf Color Service now complies with all common food contact requirements. These include the recommendations of the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) as well as the complex and varied regulatory requirements of the USA and China (FDA, China Food Safety Law). Any color and, where applicable, functional and combination masterbatches based on this carrier system can be used across continents without hesitation for any appropriate applications ranging from translucent and opaque rigid and flexible packaging, toys and household items to components for machinery and equipment used in food processing.

The new UN-F (Universal Food) carrier system is based on a product, which itself already has the relevant approvals, from a leading plastics additive manufacturer. As Rudolf Reinhart, Product Manager at Tosaf Color Service, explains: “Our new carrier system has a very similar structure to our previous standard and is therefore just as compatible with the thermoplastics used in these applications. It also has virtually identical mechanical and processing characteristics, such as good suitability for even sparingly dispersible products. This has been confirmed by all preliminary testing of the carrier system carried out in-house and at Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid and by pilot masterbatch applications at customers. The key difference is that it doesn’t contain potentially harmful chemical substances that could migrate into foodstuffs.”

And Sales Manager Andreas Kruschinski adds: “Our new UN-F carrier system meets urgent customer and market demand. Changing over from masterbatches using the previous system to ones using the new system intended for food applications is extremely simple, as the properties are the same and the color remains unchanged. This allows manufacturers and processors to bring new products to market more quickly and to open up new markets for existing products. Masterbatches based on our existing carrier system remain available for all other applications.”

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