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Highlights Fakuma 2023

At the upcoming Fakuma fair, Promix Solutions will be presenting solutions for mixing, foaming and cooling of polymer melts in Hall A2, booth 2105. The focus is on saving raw material costs, reducing the carbon footprint and increasing production capacity. Find out how Promix Microcell Technology can help you save 20 % on raw material costs in extrusion processes and reduce your company's CO2 footprint. For manufacturers of light foams such as XPS, XPP, XPE, XPET, Promix will show how P1 cooling mix technology can be used to achieve better mechanical properties and lower foam densities. Promix displays clever solutions for efficient cooling or tempering of viscous media and for inline viscosity measurement. Thanks to further optimized mixing nozzle technology, it is even easier to save costs and improve processes in injection molding.

Microcell Technology - saves raw material costs and protects the environment

In plastics processing, materials account for 80% of the CO2 footprint and this is exactly where the company comes in. Promix Microcell Technology creates a microcellular foam structure in the polymer by adding environmentally friendly atmospheric gases (N2 and CO2). This reduces the product weight by 20 - 50 %, which leads to massive savings in raw materials. This not only saves production costs, but also the environment!


Promix Microcell Technology is suitable for packaging films, sheets, foam core and corrugated pipes as well as profiles, cable sheathing, blow molding and blown films. Promix will exhibit relevant key components at the Fakuma and will provide information on possibilities within specific fields of application. In the meantime, more than 300 industrial references are in operation and various machine manufacturers are successfully integrating the technology into their plants.

Promix Microcell Technology can be used for almost all raw materials. For example, for PP, PE, PET, TPE, TPU, PA, hard & soft PVC and bioplastics. The technology is available both for newly planned extrusion lines and as a retrofit solution.




Cost and process optimization in injection molding - Better part quality, reduced masterbatch consumption, lower costs, more profit!

Promix Solutions, the leading supplier of mixing nozzles and static mixers for injection molding, has further optimized its technology. As a result, injection molding processes can be further improved and maximum cost savings achieved. Promix mixing nozzles and static mixers ensure improved melt homogeneity immediately upstream of the molding tool. This means that additives can be better distributed and undesirable color streaks eliminated. Thanks to the improved color distribution, in most cases the masterbatch concentration can also be reduced by 20 - 40 %, which sustainably lowers consumption. The installation of a mixing nozzle not only enlarges the process window but also allows the process parameters to be adjusted. Since a significant part of the mixing task is taken over by the mixing nozzle, the back pressure can be reduced. This protects the gearbox and increases the service life of the screw. Depending on the component, the lower back pressure reduces the melting time and thus also the cycle time, which has a positive effect on productivity. Due to a more homogeneous temperature profile, the melt temperature can usually be reduced by 10 - 20 ° C, which favors a shorter cooling time and thus an energy-saving injection molding process. Promix mixing nozzles can be delivered ready for installation within a few weeks, including heater bands and thermocouples. Conclusion: With a mixing nozzle from Promix, it is easy to save money and reduce the CO2 footprint.

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