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Faster, better and more efficient: Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company invests in sustainable KHS systems

By investing the equivalent of over €11.5 million in the modernization of its filling and packaging equipment at its Carlsberg Brewery in Northampton, Carlsberg Marston’s Brewing Company (CMBC) is taking action to help make its production operations more sustainable. With the energy-efficient, high-performance Innofill Can DVD filler and resource-conserving Innopack Kisters Nature MultiPack (NMP) packer, two new KHS machines are to take on a key role at the brewery. They will improve production while reducing expected water consumption and use of plastic in packaging by increasing capacity for the clever Snap Pack Nature MultiPack, an innovative, sustainable secondary packaging system co-developed by KHS and Carlsberg Group.

“Energy-efficient lines and machines and safe, environmentally-friendly packaging systems are key components of our sustainability strategy,” says Edgar-George Petsche, executive vice-president of Market Zone Europe at KHS. “With this latest investment in our pioneering packaging system and the trust shown in our flexible can filler, we’re proud to be helping to responsibly protect our climate together with CMBC as their reliable partner.” Nature MultiPack, successfully marketed by CMBC as Snap Pack in the UK, turns beverage cans into a stable pack using just a few dots of adhesive. Since Snap Pack was launched in the UK five years ago, by the end of 2022 65% of small multipacks from the brewery in Northampton were being packaged in Snap Pack format. This now makes it the packaging style most used by the brewery for multipacks of four and six cans, including for popular beers such as Carlsberg Danish Pilsner, San Miguel, Birrificio Angelo Poretti and Brooklyn Pilsner, to name but a few of the company’s well-known brands.


Increased capacity

CMBC’s recent investment in a further Innopack Kisters NMP packer, now in its second generation, enables the number of packs produced to be doubled thanks to its increased capacity of up to 108,000 cans per hour. Once fully in use across all multipacks from the brewery, CMBC’s Snap Pack will reduce the business’s plastic usage by up to 76% compared to its previous multipacks by eliminating the need for plastic rings.


KHS’ new universal adhesive will also be in use on the high-performance NMP packer. The implemented one-fits-all solution enables beverage companies to produce the perfect NMP for all standard formats and sizes. It works on practically all outer coatings on both aluminum and tin cans.


Lower water consumption on the new KHS filler

In the filling section the equally proven technology of the Innofill Can DVD boosts efficiency and operational reliability on the line. The Innofill Can DVD will work in combination with the FS14 can seamer from the Swiss Ferrum company, which features a double lid infeed.

Besides its output of up to 90,000 cans per hour holding 0.33, 0.44 or 0.5 liters, the flexible KHS filler is convincing with its extremely small hygiene zone that ensures an optimum, targeted flow of sterile air through the sensitive area.


Across the three machines CMBC is investing in to upgrade the brewery, including the two KHS machines, it is estimated that water consumption could be decreased by up to 10% annually. This amounts to a reduction of around 18 million liters every year.


Global commitment to sustainability

These upgrades to its production systems are part of CMBC’s ongoing efforts towards becoming more sustainable. The UK brewer has set ambitious targets with its Together Towards ZERO and Beyond ESG strategy. These include ZERO carbon emissions and more efficient water consumption of two hectoliters per produced hectoliter of beer at all of its breweries by 2030.

Paul Davies, CEO of CMBC, explains: “We take our responsibility as a brewer very seriously and ensuring we reduce our impact on the planet is a hugely important part of this. This major investment of more than £10m [equivalent to €11.5 million] in Northampton demonstrates our clear commitment to eliminating packaging waste, reducing water waste and improving efficiency at our breweries.


“By taking ambitious action now, we can deliver on our sustainability goals and enable even more of our innovative Snap Pack multipacks to make their way to consumers.”

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